Christina Milian Talks Sharing Pregnancy Tips With Jenna Dewan (Exclusive)

Christina Milian and Jenna Dewan
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Christina Milian loves being pregnant at the same time as Jenna Dewan!

ET's Lauren Zima caught up with the Soundtrack co-stars at the premiere of their upcoming Netflix series, and Milian revealed that she and Dewan share many parts of their pregnancy journeys with each other.

"Both Jenna and I, it's so crazy," Milian said. "Like, after we got done shooting [Soundtrack], it must be like a good-luck show because we both came back and we're preggers."

"... We have a little group chat on Instagram, and so we're talking about, 'How's it going? How are you doing? What are you eating?' that kind of stuff," Milian added. "So we've been sharing, like, little, 'I feel so huge! I feel so big'... That's how you feel when you are pregnant. But it turns out, it can only get bigger!"

In separate ET interviews, Milian and Dewan both agreed that pregnancy is different the second time around. Milian and her ex, The-Dream, share a 9-year-old daughter, Violet -- who, Milian said, is "so supportive" of her pregnancy and "going to be a great big sister" -- while Dewan has a 6-year-old daughter, Evie, with her ex, Channing Tatum.

In August, Milian revealed on Instagram that she's having a boy. "Boys carry different. He points out instead of wide," she told ET. "I feel like I'm already building a relationship with him. He's super active and my daughter was really chill, so now I get to see the difference in personality. He is setting me up for getting ready to run after him."

"... Boys' names are way harder to think of than girls'," Milian added of another challenge of this particular pregnancy. "So we haven't pinpointed it yet, but I think we just want to see his little face and then we will be like, 'That's it, that's the one!'"

As for Dewan, she admitted that she's "a little bit more tired and nauseous this time around." 

"Overall, it's been great," Dewan said. "I've definitely been working a lot throughout it, which has been a blessing in a lot of ways so I kind of keep going. Craving-wise, I'm craving a lot of junk food this time around."

The women also discussed the similarities in their households, one of which is the musical nature of their families.

"I sing to baby! I play him music. We sing in French and English because he's... half French," Milian said of her baby boy, who she's expecting with her French boyfriend, Matt Pokora. "... His dad's a singer as well so there's a lot of music in our household."

"It's pretty musical-heavy," Dewan added of her home, which she shares with Evie and her boyfriend, singer and actor Steve Kazee. "Evie loves to dance and sing around the house. Steve's always playing music... We're always kind of dancing... Music is going to be in the [baby's] genes, that's for sure!"

"We're going to have to put our kids together," Milan quipped. "They can be like a group."

That musicality certainly played a part in the pair's new romantic musical drama series for Netflix, which explores the love stories connecting a diverse group of people living in Los Angeles through the music that lives inside their hearts and minds. Milian said she was drawn to the project because "life just has its own soundtrack."

"The actual escape of kind of falling in love with these characters, and the realness and rawness of their love, and the purity of the things that are happening, and adding the soundtrack of music along with it -- with songs that we actually know -- makes it really special," Milian said. "I felt like I was really able to fall into my character, not only through the music and acting, but what [creator] Josh [Safran] put on the paper."

"... [It] just felt so raw and real," she added. "It took me back to a time where I remember being this character and being this person. I'm excited about that part."

Soundtrack premieres Dec. 18 on Netflix.


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