Jenna Dewan on the 'Unspoken Chemistry' That Brought Her Together With Steve Kazee (Exclusive)

The dancer is all about encouraging that same connection on her new show, 'Flirty Dancing.'

A year after they started dating, Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee are gearing up to welcome their first child together

The pair didn't need much time to know they wanted to be together. As she told ET, it was an "unspoken chemistry" that brought them together. 

"You just know if you have it," she told ET's Lauren Zima during a recent visit to the Santa Monica set of her new show, Flirty Dancing. "It's the sparks that fly and it just works really well."

"I am in a really great place and totally in love," she gushed. "It's nice."

With just months before welcoming her bundle of joy, Dewan is in full working mom mode on Flirty Dancing. Her 6-year-old daughter, Everly, whom she shares with Channing Tatum, is making sure she's not pushing herself too hard. 

"She's really excited. She's really protective. It's been cute," Dewan said. "She's worried about what I'm eating, making sure it's healthy. When I say, 'Mommy needs to sit down and take a break,' she totally gets it. She hugs and cuddles the belly."

"I mean, it's really been adorable. You never know how it's gonna go, and so far she's been so excited. And she tells the entire world. Everyone. Everyone, every way. Even people that check us out at stores. She's like, 'Does she know my mom's pregnant?' They're like, 'We can see,'" the actress joked. 

For now, Dewan is giving her full attention to hosting Flirty Dancing, Fox's upcoming series which sees two strangers learn a dance, and then upon meeting for the same time, perform it together. 

"It's such a fun and fresh show that I'm filming and that I'm having the best time doing," Dewan raved, noting that she fell in love with the show's U.K. counterpart. "I was literally crying in the first episode I saw. I thought, 'What more fun could this be? To sort of bring this old school romance back to modern day dating through dance, where they're not allowed to speak and can only use movement and eye contact and really go off chemistry and see if you feel something with each other.'" 

"Obviously I've danced with people before and you know when there's chemistry, you know when there's not," she noted. "It's people finding true love every single week."

But with a name like Flirty Dancing (notably not Dirty Dancing), just how close do people get? 

"I wouldn't say grinding, but it definitely gets close," Dewan promised. "They are definitely in close proximity. There is a lot of physical touch, which in rehearsals is really fun to watch, because most people are uncomfortable with that."

"We are used to the phone and online dating and that sort of surface level, and then they get right into that first rehearsal and you're this close to each other and you're touching and you're having to lift each other. So, you gotta drop all your walls immediately and just connect," she said. 

Flirty Dancing premieres Sunday, Dec. 29 on Fox. See more on Dewan in the video below. 


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