Christine Quinn Says Depiction of Her Pregnancy in 'Selling Sunset' Was 'Difficult' to Watch

The reality star opens up to ET Canada about watching her pregnancy and birth of her son, Christian, play out on the show.

Spoilers ahead! This post contains information about Selling Sunset season 4, including the finale. If you haven't yet watched, bookmark for later.

Christine Quinn is opening up about how "difficult" season 4 of Selling Sunset was for her. The new mom spoke to ET Canada about struggling with postpartum depression and PTSD after the traumatic birth of her son, Christian.

"I was pregnant on top of dealing with postpartum depression… This season was really difficult for me," Quinn admitted. "I did the best that I could with the emotions that I was dealing with at the time and that I’m still dealing with now."

Season 4 of the reality series detailed the final months of Quinn's pregnancy and her transition to becoming a new mom, both of which looked easy on screen, but Quinn shared, she was struggling behind-the-scenes.

"The problem that I was facing [was] everyone was saying, 'Oh, well, you know, she’s so thin. She’s so this. She’s so that.' But inside I was dealing with PTSD,” she added.

Quinn has been very transparent about the emergency C-section she underwent earlier this year, first sharing the news on Instagram before sharing her story with some of the ladies at the office on the series. And while she told ET Canada that she was "absolutely" upfront with Selling Sunset producers and Oppenheim Group colleagues about her worries during and after her pregnancy, she says it was "extremely hurtful" to experience and see how it played out on the show.

"They make fun of the fact of me being late in the show. 'Oh, Christine’s late. Oh, Christine’s late.' And it’s because I was literally having panic attacks and I was worried about my pregnancy and something going wrong because every time I was working, I was walking into work," Quinn said. "It was a lion’s den and these girls were pitted against me. And it was really, really difficult."

“It was extremely hurtful considering the process that I went through. And I know, you know, editing and chronological order on the show doesn’t really necessarily help because I had my baby and then I was doing a yoga scene," she continued. "But in real life and that yoga scene, I was actually pregnant."

It was a scene that sparked lots of backlash against the reality star and real estate agent, with many viewers questioning how she could be doing yoga just two weeks after such a traumatic birthing experience.

"They edited me from the boobs up so I got a lot of backlash on social media, saying, 'I can’t believe you’re doing yoga two weeks after giving birth, after having an emergency C-section,'" the new mom explained. "My process was not easy by any means and on TV, they make it look easy. But I was I was struggling in real life. I really was."

Christine hasn't made it a secret on social media that she feels frozen out by the other agents at The Oppenheim Group, going so far as to call them "mean girls" (though she's the one who makes a reference to operating like Regina George in season 4).


When ET spoke to Heather Rae El Moussa late last month, she called Christine's allegation "not true."

"It's not true," Heather declared. "There's one common denominator. I mean, I think you've seen enough of me to know I'm not a mean girl. I'm a very loving, kind person. And I'm a girl's girl. I'm very supportive of all the women at the O Group. We're all hard working. We're all driven. We're all kind and sweet. And like I said, there's one person that no one gets along with. So is it all of us or is it that one person?"

"Oh, I did see a part [of season 4] where Christine called me a jellyfish," she recalled. "How I just follow what everyone else does, which is absolutely bulls**t. So I'm a very confident woman who doesn't follow what anyone thinks or does. If I did, I'd be mixed into her bulls**t drama. I'd stay away from that. So she's very wrong in that sense. But it's just her making accusations and name-calling again."

All four seasons of Selling Sunset are now streaming on Netflix.



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