Coco Austin Goes Swimming With Sharks While Holding Daughter Chanel: Watch

The mother-daughter duo have been vacationing together in the Bahamas.

Hold on tight!

Coco Austin and her 2-year-old daughter, Chanel, had some scary fun during their vacation to The Bahamas. The mother-daughter duo went for a swim with a group of sharks!

Coco, 38, took to Instagram to share photos and video of the epic swim, which seemed to, naturally, make her pretty nervous. 

"One of the highlights while in Bahamas has been swimming with the sharks!" the TV personality wrote. "I know what you're thinking.. I watched that TV show, 'When wild animals go wild' too but these guys acted like dogs." 

She said that the sharks were very "friendly," adding, "Plus the rush of doing something crazy is half the fun. I even got Chanel to come in with me!"

But one member of their family wasn't quite so brave. 

"As you can see Ice didn't make it in the water," she said of her husband, Ice-T. 

In fact, Coco wasn't as bothered by the sharks as she was by another element of being in the pool.

"This seriously was crazy having all these sharks in the water at once," she captioned a video. "But I have to say, half the battle was holding Chanel while" 

The two cuties have been having a blast on vacation. Earlier in the week they dressed in matching mermaid swimsuits. Watch the clip below for more!