Colton Underwood's 'Bachelor' Contestants by the Numbers: Women of Color, Weird Jobs & Who's Never Been Kissed

Nine 23-year-olds, eight women of color, and one woman who's never been kissed! What a season!

The women who will be vying for Colton Underwood's heart on this season of The Bachelor have been revealed! 

Host Chris Harrison broke down the lovely ladies appearing on the upcoming season of the ABC dating show during a Facebook Live on Thursday, and for the first time in what feels like forever, we have no Laurens! But what the show lacks in Laurens this season, they're making up for in other peculiar ways, whether it's odd jobs or a woman who challenges Underwood's openness about his virginity by revealing she's never been kissed! 

Here's Underwood's season of The Bachelor, by the numbers: 

Most Prominent Age: 23 

There are NINE 23-year-olds this season, because what better time to find love on TV!

Number of Women 30 or Over: 2

Our Bachelor's young age (he's 26) may have skewed the season a little younger. Just two women are 30 and over. One's 30, and one's 31.

Number of Women of Color: At least 8 

Progress! While the show has been criticized in the past for its lack of diversity, we'll be seeing a lot more different faces on Underwood's season. 

Number of Women Without a Real Job Listed: 3 

One woman is listed as a "sloth," one is "Cinderella" (does she play her at Disneyland?) and the other is "Never Been Kissed," because why not milk it like the show is doing with Underwood's virginity?

Number of Virgins: At least 1 (Not including Underwood)

"Heather is one-upping Colton. She's not only a virgin, she's never been kissed... obviously, that comes into play," Harrison teased on the Facebook Live. "Will she leave the show without her first kiss? We'll find out." 

Most Prominent State: California 

Ten of this season's 30 women are from the Golden State. 

Most Prominent Name: Hannah. And Alex

No Laurens this year, but that doesn't mean we don't get any repeats! Welcome to the party, Alex B. and Alex D. and Hannah B. and Hannah G. 

Most Prominent Letter Starting a Name: C

Maybe things didn't work out with Underwood and Becca or Tia because their names didn't start with the same letter. So this time around, Bachelor producers gave him five women with "C" names: Caelynn, Caitlin, Cassie, Catherine and Courtney. 

It's a few other women, however, who Harrison recommends fans keep an eye on.

"One relationship to watch would be Hannah B. There is Hannah B. and then there is Caelynn, who is Miss North Carolina. So one is Miss Alabama and one is Miss Carolina. They were in the same pageant together, there was paths crossed, pageant drama had. It spills over to the pages of the Bachelor," Harrison told ET's Lauren Zima during the show's junket on Thursday. 

However, the host also teased that Caelynn is involved in another type of drama. "I will say this, on a serious note with Caelynn, is that she brings out a story, a personal story that is one of the most emotional, revealing conversations we have ever had on the show," he shared. "We were all very much taken a back. So was Colton, and that kind of prompts things in Colton's life." 

"It's something that is going to change the course of the entire show," he promised. 

While we've got 30 women to get to know, this season is also all about Underwood -- and Harrison recently told ET that we're going to get very familiar with the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise alum. See more in the video below. 

The Bachelor returns Monday, Jan. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC -- join ET's Bachelor Nation Facebook group here