Constance Wu and Chris Pratt Swapped Parenting Stories on 'Terminal List' Set (Exclusive)

ET spoke to the pair at the 'Terminal List' premiere in Los Angeles Wednesday.

Constance Wu and Chis Pratt may be A-list actors, but they're parents first! ET's Will Marfuggi spoke to the pair at The Terminal List premiere in Los Angeles Wednesday night, where they talked about their newborns, stepping out of their comfort zone for their Amazon Prime series and more.

"He's lovely," Wu said about working with Pratt on the series. "Very passionate about the project, and just a great person. He and I had babies around the same time so, it was also fun to just trade parenting stories and tips."

Wu not only traded stories and tips with Pratt -- who acted in and executive produced the project -- she applauded him and the show's cast and crew for being so supportive of her needs as a mother in her first role since giving birth to her daughter in Aug. 2020.

"It was my first job back after giving birth, and I'm so fortunate that they were so supportive of my needs as a mother," Wu, who plays a probing investigative reporter in the action-packed drama, said. "I think a lot of places should be more supportive of their workers' needs as parents, because it makes for better work, and that's why the cast and crew was really understanding and supportive of everything, and I feel really lucky that I got to have that be my first job back after giving birth."

While Wu welcomed her daughter back in 2020, Pratt just became a dad for the third time to his daughter, Eloise, last month. In an effort to be closer to his family Pratt said he shot the show in Los Angeles, only to end up spending more time away from them than he does when shooting on location.

"I mean, one of the benefits and one of the reasons I wanted to make this show, was to bring some work back to Los Angeles, back to the southern California area. It's been years now that I've been working, but I've been shooting on location wherever the best tax benefits are, but it was really crucial to me that we shoot this in Los Angeles, not only does it take place in Southern California in the books, but it's also an opportunity for me to be home and close to my family," Pratt shared.

"Little did I realize, executive producing and starring in a show, I was going to be gone more on this show than I was in Atlanta or London," he continued before praising his wife, Katherine Schwarzenegger for taking care of their little ones. "So, it was a mountain of work, and by the grace of God I have a very understanding and loving wife, who stepped up and took care of business at home while I was basically leaving before she woke up and getting home after she'd gone to bed."

The show, which sees Pratt on-screen as a Navy SEAL, who returns home after his entire platoon is ambushed, only to discover new dark forces working against him, and on-set show-running and calling a lot of the shots, has given him an "eye-opening" look at the business.

"Twenty years I've been in this business, and I've always been acting, so I show up to do a little rehearsal, to do the fittings, step on the mark and go to work," he explained. "[I] kinda failed to recognize how much goes into just getting to that point, and so it was definitely eye-opening and a great learning experience."

Pratt continued, "I think if you're smart and you're in this business for a long time, you want to find ways to continue to learn and continue to grow, and definitely did both of those things on this job."

Despite the demands of wearing both hats, Pratt has still been able to get some family time in, with the Jurassic World: Dominion telling ET that he spent his 43rd birthday at home, cooking steaks and hanging with the kids.

"The day before, I got a hall pass to go golf, which was pretty fun and yesterday, I had a very lowkey day, I spent it with my daughters and wife, and I cooked some steaks at home, and it was pretty fun," Pratt said.

The Terminal List premieres on Amazon Prime Video July 1.



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