Country Singer Gabby Barrett Opens Up About Newlywed Life and New Music (Exclusive)

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Gabby Barrett is celebrating love!

The 19-year-old singer released a new song, "Hall of Fame," on Friday, which was inspired by her husband, fellow American Idol alum Cade Foehner.

The couple, who met while contestants on the show in 2018, tied the knot in a Texas ceremony on Oct. 5, 2019, after getting engaged earlier that year in March. 

Now, Barrett is opening up to ET all about married life. "He’s my sweetie and I definitely think he was made for me," she gushes of her new hubby. "He’s the best."

Even though the two have only been married for less than four months, the country singer is totally used to being a wife.

"From a young age, I was never into going out and partying," Barrett says. "I was always a homebody who wanted to be somebody’s wife. I really loved that idea of a wonderful marriage, so finding him was perfect to me."

After spending many months with Foehner while filming season 16 of American Idol, the country singer took her now-husband out on the road on tour with her before they were even engaged -- so they've pretty much got domesticity down.

"I literally felt married before I got married," Barrett reveals. "We spent a lot of time together and got to know each other very quickly within that time, so I already felt like we were married for the most part, of course without living together, but it’s now way better because we get to live together."

The couple, who recently relocated to Nashville, waited to move in with each other until after their wedding because of their faith, which is at the center of their relationship and something that connected the two from the beginning.

Now that they are happily married and living together, Barrett says it’s inspiring new music. "I think I can write a billion, trillion songs about him, just because there’s so many amazing qualities about him," she admits. 

When the couple made their red carpet debut as a married couple at the CMA Awards in November 2019, Foehner couldn’t stop praising his new bride and her talents.

"I'll tell you what, even recording and writing whatever, she has the most unique ideas," the 23-year-old told ET. "She always makes my songs that much better, so I've learned to bring them to her."

As for when the two are going to collaborate on a track together, Barrett reveals they have one song written together that "maybe" will be released down the road.

For now, the two are enjoying life as newlyweds, which does include keeping up with the show that brought them together.

"Idol was such an amazing journey and definitely a highlight and an asset in my life I’ll always look back on and tell my kids about," the singer shares. 

Barrett, who finished in third place on the show, also shares some words of wisdom for any future contestants.

"I would say no matter how prepared you think you are for something, be ready to be challenged on something too. There were a lot of challenges I had to face on American Idol that helped me grow in a few different ways that I’ll take forever with my career. You’re going to get challenged on something at some point."

See more from the singer in the video below. "Hall of Fame" is out now.


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