Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Dead at 30

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Country singer Kylie Rae Harris has died at age 30 after a car accident in New Mexico on Wednesday, the Taos County Sheriff's Office confirmed to ET in a press release.

The "Twenty Years From Now" singer was traveling to her performance at Michael Hearne’s Big Barn Dance festival when she was involved in a three-car collision on State Road 522. Harris and another driver were pronounced dead at the scene, with the Sheriff's Office noting that speed appears to be an apparent contributing factor in the crash, while other potential factors are pending confirmation from the Office of the Medical Investigator.

Harris' last social media posts were about her road trip through New Mexico. Her final tweet reads, "Fuel range is 46 miles and I’m 36 from the nearest gas station. Dear baby Jesus please don’t let me get stranded in NM."

Harris' final Instagram Stories were even eerier, as the singer teared up recalling childhood trips to Taos with family.

"I just got to Taos, New Mexico, and I'm playing this festival here called the Big Barn Dance -- I love this festival -- but, for those of you who don't know, I spent the last 20 years of my life coming to Taos with my dad," she told fans in a video from the car. "My grandparents lived here, my uncle still lives here, but basically, literally everybody that was here has passed away, except for my uncle, including my dad."

"Driving these roads today... I've been driving for almost 12 hours, and you would think that's so exhausting and boring, but like, the last couple of hours driving through the mountains and remembering my place in the back seat as a little kid when my dad was making these treks here, I was a f**king mess, and I started getting really sad. I started getting real sad."

The singer also shared a story about how seeing cows during her emotional road trip brought back memories of a past drive through the Southwest.

"There was this time -- it was something we always talked about with my dad and my sister -- I was in the back seat asleep, I was like 10 or 12, and we hit something really hard, and I, like, popped up my head and was like, 'What was that?' and my dad said, 'cow guard,' but really he had hit a cow. I know that's very depressing, but just the fact that when I was on my trek through the mountains and I just started crying and I was sad, and all of a sudden these cows just appeared out of nowhere. You know, we grieve in different ways, but just like, I don't know."

Harris is survived by a 6-year-old daughter, Corbie, to whom she dedicated her recent song, "Twenty Years From Now." "Twenty years from now/ My prayer is that somehow/ You’ll forgive all my mistakes and be proud of the choice I made/ God I hope I’m still around," she sang on the sentimental tune.

See tributes to Harris from the country music community below.


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