Craig David Wants to Perform at Royal Wedding After Singing at Queen Elizabeth’s Birthday (Exclusive)

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will marry in May, and no one is more excited than British singer Craig David! The R&B crooner opened up to ET about the Royals while promoting his new album, 'The Time Is Now,' out now.

Sound the trumpets: Craig David is back with new music -- and ready to perform at the royal wedding!

The British singer, who will perform at Queen Elizabeth’s 92nd birthday live music event next month, stopped by ET for a Facebook Live interview last week. Naturally, conversation turned to his homeland as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle approach their May 19th wedding date.

“Listen, if I got invited to witness one of the most biggest talking points of modern history when it comes to the royal family, it would be amazing to be there,” Craig, 36, gushed. “It's a beautiful couple, and it's great to see they found love and I just feel like it's going to grow because there's a generation who are going to discover the royal family in a slightly different way, I think this is a really good time for Meghan and for Harry.”

While Craig said he and Harry “have been in the same places at the same time,” he revealed he has yet to meet Meghan. Still, he praised her as “a really lovely girl” who strongly reminds him of the late Princess Diana.

“[Meghan has] so much potential to bring a lot of the qualities that Princess Diana brought out because Princess Diana really fought for her causes, and she felt like she was a voice of the people and I feel that Meghan's got that and Harry's got that,” he marveled. “For the new generation, they're going to see this and be like, 'Wow, you're really activists! You're really out there talking for us!' And I think that's going to be incredible, so it's only just the start of that, but more importantly, I'm just happy that they found love.”

Invitations to the coveted affair were mailed out just days after Craig’s interview with ET, but it’s safe to say, if he’s invited, he would love to perform.

“If there was a song that they felt was fitting and it was something that they both wanted, come on, it'd be a pleasure to go and perform for them,” Craig said, before looking straight into the camera: “Listen, Harry… you pick the songs that are going to make it a special day for you and Meghan, that's what it's all about!”

Regal festivities aside, Craig is performing around the world a lot these days. In January, the soulful crooner released his seventh studio album, The Time Is Now, which is chock-full of infectious melodies, signature R&B sounds and bold tropical house beats. 

“It’s amazing, it feels like the first time,” Craig explained, comparing his most current release to his 2000 debut, Born to Do It. “I didn't know if there would be an album that would feel just like when I first started off… [Back then], I wasn't thinking anything about where it was gonna go, what it was gonna do, I was like, ‘I just want to make great songs.’ 7 million albums later, there was something in there so I think, ‘Just go back to that frame of mind.’”

Craig is currently on his TS5 tour where he acts as a one-man band: singing, DJing and emceeing. The concept was born inside Craig’s Miami apartment a few years ago (TS5 stands for Tower Suite 5), when he grew tired of the “elitist red rope” mentality at nightclubs, and instead, wanted to throw his own house parties where “everyone could feel VIP.” The soirees grew from a few friends at home, to small venues, to large venues, to 100,000-person festivals and now, a residency in Ibiza. Even Justin Bieber showed up at his LA show last week!

What can you expect on Craig’s setlist? He dished, “I’m singing one of my throwbacks, ‘7 days,’ but then I’ll do ‘I Know You,’ the Bastille tune, then I'll come out the booth and do a freestyle over a Cardi B instrumental or ‘Walking Away’ over Dr. Dre, then come back and mix a couple tunes that you love, to keep it as a focal point of being a performance.”

Craig is still on top of his game when it comes to music, but he says his personal life is a work in progress.

After revealing he’s currently single, the singer told ET he’s excited about the prospect of meeting his “twin flame” and someday, having children.

Craig, a firm believer in serendipity, explained, “My thing is to never really force or keep looking because it'll hit you one time where you're just like,  ‘I know.’ Somehow, I feel like I've known you for years and I've only just met you and that will happen and it makes life quite exciting.”

For any ladies whose ears may have just perked up, Craig said the quality he’s most attracted to is authenticity. 

“I want you to be the most authentic you. Not to conform, not to try and be anything different than what you are, because that's what makes you beautiful… I think that's beautiful, when you see someone owning themself, just like, ‘Wow!’ That's empowerment.”

Despite hitting it big at 19, Craig, now 36, has largely avoided having his love life play out in the press. Still, he dished on his most high-profile rumored romance to date: Sofia Vergara in 2003.

“I think there's pictures that would say that we definitely knew each other very, very well. People would say it's dating, some other people would say it was friends. To be absolutely honest, I've just got so much love for meeting her when I did,” he said, coyly.

Craig revealed they met through mutual friends in Miami in his early twenties. Although he said they haven’t spoken in “many, many years,” Craig praised Sofia’s success, personally and professionally.

“Seeing her grow up to become the amazing actress that she is now, and I think she's married to an amazing partner, and she's got lovely children, so I've just got a lot of love for her,” he gushed. “Listen, you don't get [to that level of success] just through hope and prayers. She actually is fantastic at what she does and it's her character and the way that she is so caring and loving that is why she comes across on-camera so well, so it's been amazing to watch from afar, it's been brilliant.”