Da Brat and Wife Judy on Newlywed Life and Their Journey to Motherhood (Exclusive)

'Brat Loves Judy' returns June 9 on WE TV.

Da Brat and her new wife, Jesseca "Judy" Harris-Dupart, may still be in their honeymoon phase four months after their dream wedding, but they're more than ready to get to the next stage -- motherhood! ET spoke with the newlyweds ahead of the second season premiere of their reality series, Brat Loves Judy, and the couple shared details on their "stressful" wedding day, motherhood journey and living out loud during Pride Month.

Although the 48-year-old rapper said she's looking forward to giving fans a look at their wedding planning, she admitted that the actual day was a "rough" one. 

"I thought because it's such a wondrous and glorious day, marvelous and beautiful and all these fantastic things, that it would be easier," she recalled. "It wasn't so easy. A lot of things went left. People weren't doing what they were supposed to do, they weren't where they were supposed to be, and it puts the stress on the people who are getting married."

The couple, who wed on Feb. 22, planned their extravagant wedding in nine days. The short timeframe doubled the usual chaos that comes with wedding planning. In a previously released sneak peek of season 2, fans get a glimpse at the bumps the duo faced before saying "I do."

At the beginning of the clip, the rapper is in the studio -- and it doesn’t sound like she’s making a love song. “I don’t ever wanna lose you, we should work it out. Get the f**k out of my house and leave now,” she raps. In another scene, when Judy asks if she can hear the new single, Da Brat declares it’s about her. 

Things heat up more as the couple seemingly gets into it during a wedding dress fitting. As the "Funkdafied" rapper stands in a dress during the fitting, Judy asks, "Are we doing it? Are we not?"

Da Brat tearfully wipes her eyes and says, "I don’t know." 

Judy explained that their hesitation wasn't about getting married but the timeframe they were working with. "I don't think it was questioning if it was the right choice," she elaborated. "I think maybe questioning if it was the right time because there was a date that I put out there in the Earth. But then she got it tattooed on her back."

Da Brat noted that she got the 2/22/22 tattoo after Judy explained "how important the date was and how significant it was to us, to our relationship." 

"It's never going to happen again. We're twin flames. So, I mean, I had to make that date happen," she added.

Those elements added a sense of urgency to their plans that caused a strain. It didn't help that they were also struggling with staying within their budget, the couple sharing that they almost went $50,000 over budget on flowers. 

"I did tell her if we didn't make that date, we could have done something very special on that date. We didn't have to get married on that day just because it was tattooed on my back," Da Brat makes sure to add. "There's so many other special things in life that we could do together to commemorate that date."

But the two managed to pull off their ideal ceremony, and now they're enjoying the honeymoon phase while learning a new normal as wives. This leads them to the next big step in their relationship -- growing their family

"When we started to discuss this, we didn't realize how many different hurdles can come in the way," Judy said of their family planning. "We're excited. We are very excited where we stand as of today. But there just has been quite a few hurdles that we have not been open with social media or anybody about for health reasons. But we are excited and a lot of that's covered in the season."

In January, the couple announced on social media that they're expecting a new addition with a photo of Da Brat standing behind Judy and resting her hands on her then-fiancée's belly as they pose for a mirror selfie. While they wouldn't divulge the story behind the photo, they shared that the experience has helped them learn about the kind of parents they want to become. 

"This is going to be [Da Brat's] first rodeo [and] she's already, 'Rah rah,' behind anybody that she loves," Judy noted. "I feel like we're gonna have to homeschool our babies because no place is going to be good enough. And she's going to flip furniture, everything."

Her wife pointed out that she's learned to control her temper thanks to anger management but did agree that she would prefer to only have people they're close to around their children. "It's going to be like her mom or my mom or my godmother or my aunt," she added. "It's going to be people who are close to us that we trust who we've seen handle children as we were. It's so many people that want to help too. So we're going to be great."

It's been a long journey for the couple. Da Brat confirmed that she was in a relationship -- and came out -- in an emotional post in March 2020, after being presented with a white Bentley by Judy for her birthday. 

"We had a lot of discussions before it happened because I don't want anybody to go back and regret anything because they did it for a person," Judy recalled, looking back at their 'coming out.' 

She added, "I just wanted to make sure that she was only doing this for her personal reasons. She just kept saying, 'Because I love you.' I'm like, 'It has to be for your personal reasons.' Since then, she's been living out loud and loving the fact that she can do what she wants, where she wants because before she wouldn't hold hands in public or nothing. But now she just don't give a sh*t."

It's a freedom Da Brat said she learned from her partner. "I'm so happy to be free," the rapper shared. "It is such a different feeling living for yourself and in your truth and being who you are as opposed to trying to hide it for a record label or so you don't lose your career or you can't tell people who you like or who you love."

"I'm so happy that she has the courage. I was just watching her live out loud like, 'Sh*t, I want to live out loud too,'" she added. "So, it's like a weight lifted, for real. It's the best feeling. And I wish everybody could feel the way I do. And I wish people could just let it go already. Let us be free. Let us love who we love. If the world could be happy with who they love, it might be a safer place, you know?"

Brat Loves Judy returns on June 9 on WE TV.