Dan Levy Talks Swearing Off Reality TV After Hosting 'The Hills' After-Show

Dan Levy and Lauren Conrad
George Pimentel/Getty Images

The 'Schitt's Creek' creator and star got back into reality TV while in quarantine.

These days Dan Levy is a four-time Emmy winner, but back in the day, the rest was still unwritten for the 37-year-old Schitt's Creek creator and star, who co-hosted MTV's after-show for The Hills

"Before I did [Schitt's Creek], I was working on MTV with The Hills for a long time, a show that some people might know," Levy teased on Wednesday's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. "I was doing the after-show for The Hills." 

Though he enjoyed the experience, Levy noted that getting a backstage pass to the MTV reality hit caused it to lose some of the magic. 

"When you work so closely with a reality television show, and I love The Hills, but it kind of takes the magic out of the experience of watching reality television because you kind of end up knowing too much about how it works," he admitted. 

But earlier this year amid the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent quarantine, Levy opened himself back up to reality shows. 

"So I had to take a long hiatus and then quarantine happened and I had quite literally watched every show on television, so I finally resolved myself to accepting the fact that I only have reality TV left, not to diminish the genre," he said. "But it started and then it became a problem."

Noting that reality TV is "all I watch" now, Levy said he started with The Real Housewives of Atlanta and is now obsessed with Below Deck: Mediterranean. 

"The drama that happens on the last season of Below Deck: Mediterranean is earth shattering," Levy jokes. "I have many times thought about vacationing to Australia to take Hannah [Ferrier]'s yachting course... I would last 25 seconds on that show." 

Levy recently swept the Emmys. Watch the clip below for more.