'Dancing With the Stars': Week 4 Ends In Tearful Elimination -- See Which Celeb Is Going Home

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Dancing With the Stars returns on Monday and all the stars will one again be fighting hard for their place in the competition. This season has already had its fair share of surprises, and ET will be following along throughout the two-hour episode to break down all the best dances and most shocking moments. 

Tonight, DWTS welcomes back guest judge Leah Remini, who will join the panel alongside Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli in scoring tonight's slate of performances.

Last week, Ray Lewis announced that he had decided to pull out of the competition due to an old injury that had recently resurfaced as a result of dancing rehearsals, and his exit meant all the remaining dancers were spared from elimination. However, we will once again be saying goodbye to yet another DWTS couple.

The show kicks off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET will be bringing you all the highlights in real time.

Who's Safe and Who's Going Home?

6:59 PM:

After all the votes are counted and judges scores considered, the bottom two come down to Lamar Odom and Peta Murgatroyd as well as Karamo Brown and Jenna Johnson.

It only took two votes from Carrie Ann and Bruno to make the decision that Karamo and Jenna would be moving on, while Lamar and Peta would be going home.

A tearful Karamo couldn't hold back his emotions as he embraced Lamar and Peta supportively.

"I'm lucky to be walking and talking, so this is just another hill I've had to climb," a soft-spoken Lamar told Tom after the elimination, before getting a big group hug from the rest of the cast.

Meanwhile, here's how the rest of the couples stood at the end of Week 4:

Ally & Sasha - 32
Kel & Witney - 32
Hannah & Alan - 32
Lauren & Gleb - 32
Sailor & Val - 31
James & Emma - 28
Karamo & Jenna - 28
Kate & Pasha - 26
Sean & Lindsay - 21

Karamo and Jenna Close Out the Night With 'Old Town Road' Tango

6:52 PM:

"The tango is a very sexy dance, where you have to take charge of me," Jenna says, explaining that, to practice, they will have to take charge of some horses on a ranch.

Karamo hates this idea, explaining, "I'm a city boy all the way." However, when they get on the horses, it goes fine. They are very calm, and it was fine.

The whole exercise is in an effort to prepare him for their tango set to Lil Nas X's "Old Town Toad," and when they hit the dance floor, Karamo definitely takes charge.

Their performance has everything: Karamo in a velvet jacket, giant bursts of fire behind them, laser lights. And, when its done, Karamo absolutely loses his mind with excitement for how good it went.

Bruno says there "were no mistakes tonight" and that he's "back on track."

Carrie Ann says, "That was my favorite dance of yours. You have arrived." But then the judge slams Karamo and Jenna for adding a lift to the number, because she's a real stickler for that.

Leah has endless praise, and wonderfully argues with Len and Carrie. As Len gives feedback, which is largely negative, Leah interrupts him yet again and he tells her to essentially mind her own business.

Eventually, when it comes to the scores, Karamo says he just doesn't want to get another 5. He then gets a 7 from Carrie Ann, Bruno and Leah, while Len holds up his 5 paddle, before quickly swapping it out for a 7! It's super rare to see Len joke around about scores, but the 7 clearly means a lot to Karamo.

Ultimately, the earn 28 out of 40 (and it would have been 29, but Carrie Ann docked a point for the lift), marking their highest scores of the season by far,

Lauren and Gleb Go Country With a Dolly Parton Foxtrot

6:36 PM:

For their Foxtrot, the pair turn to the Dolly Parton classic "Jolene," and to get into the spirit of the genre, Lauren and Gleb go to Nashville where they just happen to run into Bobby Bones (what a weird coincidence!).

Anyway, when it comes to their foxtrot, they deliver a beautiful, number that felt truly inspired and blended country and ballroom beautifully.

Len complimented the choreography and Lauren's ability to pull off some classic dance steps.

Bruno and Carrie Ann have similar praise for her physicality, and Carrie Ann says she told a beautiful story with her body.

Leah couldn't help but gush over her talent for conveying emotion, especially since she isn't an actress.

Speaking with Erin after, Lauren reveals that, during the week, her cousin Holly suffered a brain bleed that put her in a coma, and Lauren lost a few days of rehearsal to visit her. Lauren, fighting back tears, says her family encouraged her to return to LA and keep trying hard.

Her hard work pays off, too, as the couple earns four 8s for a total of 32 out of 4 (making it a four-way tie for the top spot).  

Sailor and Val Gets Support From Former Mirrorball Champ

6:27 PM:

In her pre-taped package, Sailor gets a special visit from her family friend Rumer Willis -- who also previously won the Mirrorball trophy with Val a few seasons ago.

The motivation is just what the young dancer needs to boost her confidence for her and Val's wonderful cha-cha set to "Ain't No Mountain High Enough."

Decked out in a golden, fringe-covered gown, Sailor and Val -- who's rocking a golden tux -- look like they are having the best time.

Which explained why Leah praises her for making people smile and says Sailor "emanates loveliness."

Len says it's another fantastic performance and has nothing but praise.

Bruno tells Sailor, "Your light is shining brighter every week."

Carrie Ann seconds all the previous praise, but advises Sailor to "find consistency" with her footwork if she wants to be unbeatable.

After the feedback, Erin references another former Mirrorball champ, telling Sailor she has "such a Bindi Irwin vibe" to her.

The pair earn a 7 from Carrie Ann, and thee 8s from Leah, Bruno and Len (in a rare show of agreement) for a total of 31 out of 40.

Val then encourages people to vote for them, because next week is Disney Week, and Val wants to "be a Disney Princess for Disney Week!"

Lamar and Peta Deliver 'Gentle' Viennese Waltz

6:16 PM:

In the NBA star's pre-taped package, Peta surprises him with a visit from his son and daughter, and he says it will give him the motivation he needs to give the best performance yet.

"I'm so proud of him," Lamar's daughter Destiny shares.

"Every week he's gotten better," Lamar Jr. adds,

When it comes time for their Viennese waltz, set to Seal's "Kiss From a Rose," it's clear that Lamar is putting in a lot of effort, and his kids seem to love watching him from the sidelines.

Carrie Ann praises Lamar's effort and says it's was a sweet number from a sweet man.

Leah fights back tears as she tells him,"I don't think everybody knows how hard you are working and how hard this is for you." 

Len says, "If the others have had to climb hills to get here, you've had to climb mountains," and complimented Lamar's "gentleness."

Even Bruno praises his number, and gives constructive criticism for his footwork.

Peta is brought to tears with pride while standing alongside Lamar, and says she's incredibly proud of his progress.

The pair earn the most wide-ranging score of any couple this season, earning a 5 from Carrie Ann, a 7 from Leah, and two 4s from Len and Bruno for a total of 20 out of 40.

Leah then threatens to walk off the show, saying Len and Bruno's low scores are "unacceptable," but Tom talks her down before throwing to commercial.

Hanna Brown Unleashes the Beast for Her Paso Doble

6:05 PM:

To address Carrie Ann's criticism of Hannah's overly playful performance last week, the Bachelorette star goes with Alan to a smash room, where she takes a baseball bat to a bunch of glass bottles in an effort to really take out her aggression and learn to tap into her serious, animalistic side.

Which makes it so perfect that their paso doble is set to Icona Pop's "I Love It," and it's so much fun, even when she has trouble keeping a smile off her face.

Bruno is the first to give feedback (and Len is already covering his ears before he even starts talking). Bruno says she started strong, and it got a little shaky toward the end, but ultimately loved it.

Carrie Ann said it was "passionate and delightful," while Leah says Hannah is "too cute" and that she wants to squeeze her face."

Len said it had "aggression, but with control" and there was an sense of "calmness" in her delivery that was wonderful.

The pair earn four 8s, for a total of 32 out of 40, making it a three-way tie for first tonight. And it's hard to imagine anyone beating it, but maybe we're in for a surprise!

James and Emma Are Quickstepping on Sunshine

5:53 PM:

In James' joyous pre-taped package, the actor reveals that his wife is pregnant with their sixth kid, and they even go to the doctor for an ultrasound.

"We're so excited. There's a new little Van Der Beek in there," an emotional James tells the DWTS cameras in a tearful solo interview. "Hearing the heartbeat is something you never take for granted"

James is supported by his large, growing family for his and Emma's quickstep set to "Walking On Sunshine," and it is just pure joy.

After the dance, Len says, "Sometimes my scores don't reflect my feelings. I think you're a great dancer." He compliments the "clever choreography and great movement" of their dance.

Bruno says that, because James is so good, they have to nitpick a little more and that James has to be more precise with the details of his dancing because he's so flawless.

Carrie Ann says they are dancing a little out of sync, like they are "two soloists."

Leah praises him for being "amazing since day one."

The pair end up earning four 7s, for a grand total of 28 out of 40, putting them directly in the middle of the pack.

Kate Gets Some Love From Her 'Office' Co-Stars

5:43 PM:

The Office alum also got some support from some of her former co-stars, including Andy Buckley and Leslie David Baker, who cheered her own from the audience during the show, and grabbed a pic with her after their performance.

Steve Carrel, also shared his love for her DWTS journey on Twitter.

Kate and Pasha Get 'Hot and Steamy' With Tango

5:40 PM:

"I can't believe that, at 55, I get to dance with a hot Russian," Kate hilariously reflects in the pre-taped package.

And their promise of delivering a "hot and steamy" performance doesn't go unfulfilled as the pair perform a very adorably intimate tango set to Selena Gomez's "Hands to Myself."

There's a definite reason that Kate is one of the season's fan favorites.

Leah praises Kate for her "amazing" energy, and says that the "passion stuff is hard" for comedians like Kate, while the pros could be "sexual with a refrigerator."

Len says that, this week, Kate "struggled to get into the character" of the Argentine tango.

Bruno says he liked the intimacy, but that she "lost the smoothness" of the traditional tango, and that she was a little shaky.

Carrie Ann says (after asking Leah to stop arguing with all the other judges) that Kate had a problem with losing the passion in her facial expressions. Which is insane and makes no sense.

Speaking with Erin after the feedback, Kate jokes that, when performing with Pasha, she doesn't want to "look like the mother of the bride dancing with her new son-in-law."

The pair end up earning two 7s from Carrie Ann and Leah and two 6s from Bruno and Len, for a total of 26 out of 40.

Kel and Witney Cha-Cha to Shawn Mendes

5:30 PM:

Witney tells Kel, in the pre-taped package, that they just need to have more fun with their dances, and she surprises him in the dance studio by having his family come visit him.

It energizes the comic and he brings his charming smile -- and an absolutely epic teal Members Only jacket -- to their cha-cha set to Shawn Mendes' "If I Can't Have You."

The tack is a great fit for the pair, who look like they are having a great time on the dance floor, as Kel's former All That co-stars cheer for him from the sidelines. 

The performance even gets a standing, dancing ovation from Carrie Ann.

The judge effusively praises the pair, and says she can't believe they were in the bottom two.

Leah says he needs to start knowing how good he is.

Len then says something Leah teases him for, and seems super annoyed when she kisses his cheek. And Bruno just showers the pair with love.

The couple end up earning four 8s, for a total of 32 out of 40 and are tied with Ally and Sasha at the top of the leaderboard. 

Ally and Sasha Dance a 'Proud' Jive

5:17 PM:

It isn't until now, with Ally's Rocky montage-inspired pre-taped package, that I realized how much of a touch coach Sasha can be when he wants to push his partner to greatness.

And it's clear greatness is what Ally and Sasha are going for with their high-energy jive set to the Tina Turner classic "Proud Mary."

It's a high-energy, fast-footed performance that's met with a standing ovation from the audience and insane, screaming feedback from Bruno, who praises the performance and tells Sasha that he was "an accessory" and that she could have  "done it on her own."

Carrie Ann says she "nailed it," and Leah mirrors that praise, telling her that she was "amazing."

Len keeps the love coming, and says he's "proud" of her "Proud Mary" performance.

The pair got four 8s across the board, for a grand total of 32 out of 40.

'DWTS' Gets Sean Spicer Out of the Way First

5:11 PM:

Sean said, last week, that his robotic dancing was likely due to his "military training." While that's probably not the reason, this week, he and Lindsay are dancing a paso doble that will supposedly play more into his more formal posture.

Dancing to "Bamboléo" by the Gipsy Kings, Sean mostly just has to walk without falling down and make a lot of straight-backed standing poses.

The judges still aren't fans. Len says, "Technically it wasn't, you know, great... But you we're scared to go out there and do it."

Bruno says he's "not quite Antonio Banderas just yet."

Carrie Ann says she loves what he was doing with his arms, but said the performance was passionate, and "not as militant" as he was performing it.

"Sean is not a dancer, that's very clear," Leah adds, before praising his for doing his best.

Sean ends up getting three 5s from the regular judges and a 6 from Leah, for reasons that are beyond me.

Here We Go!

5:03 PM:

We've got Leah joining the judges, we've got Tom and Erin being as wonderful as always, we've got James Van Der Beek in a salmon pink suit, and we've got a lot of great dances to look forward to!

For a look at the dramatic first three weeks of this revamped Dancing With the Stars season, check out the video below.


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