'DWTS' Highlights: Horror Night Sees Bloody Good Performances Before One Couple Gets the Axe

Follow along with ET as we break down all the biggest moments from Monday's Halloween-inspired 'DWTS.'

Dancing With the Stars returns Monday for the sixth week of season 30, and the show is getting spooky for the Halloween season! With a slew of excited celebs ready to show off their moves, ET is following along throughout the two-hour spectacular to break down all the best dances and the most surprising moments from DWTS' scream-tastic tribute to horror!

As the contestants duke it out on the dance floor with their creepiest, most fearsome routines, judges Carrie Ann Inaba, Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and Derek Hough will be giving feedback and doling out their scores -- all before another pair gets the axe at the end!

After last week's truly shocking elimination, only 10 couples remain to show off their moves with a dance number inspired by a classic horror film. They will all be dancing their hearts out as they try to win the votes of the viewers and the support of the judges.

The bloody battle for the mirrorball trophy kicks off on Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC, and ET will be covering all the highlights in real time.

It's Time for the Elimination -- Who's Getting the Axe

Two couples are going home tonight, and Tyra dramatically reads through the long list of the groups that are safe, leaving only the bottom two on stage.

After a bloody night of dancing, the bottom two couples are Kenya and Brandon, as well as Suni and Sasha!

This means its time for the judges to vote.

Carrie Ann votes to save Suni.

Derek Votes to save Suni as well.

It all comes down to Bruno, and he sides with his cohorts, voting for Suni and Sasha and sending Kenya and Brandon home.

Kenya is brought to tears but is still smiling.

"I just want to say thank you so much for this opportunity, this has been a dream come true!" she shares in her last parting words.

She truly put in a great effort this season, and it's tough to see her go.

Amanda Kloots Saws Up the Dance Floor

Amanda and Alan are getting gory for their Horror Night dance.

The pair are hitting the stage for an Argentine tango set to "Paint It Black" by Ciara -- and the whole thing is based on the gory splatterflick Saw.

As we can see in the pre-taped package, there's some stress surrounding this week's number, as it's a hard dance to pull off.

However, Amanda is throwing herself into unfamiliar territory with gusto. Donning the iconic Jigsaw mask, Amanda slays on the dance floor, delivering a frighteningly powerful number that serves as a fantastic closer for the night.

"For me, that was a 10," Derek says.

"That was so sharp!" Bruno praises. "The whole thing was great."

Len, however, felt it was "too sharp" and "lacked a bit of traditional Argentine tango."

The pair end up with two 9s and two 10s for a total of 38 out of 40.

Suni & Sasha Tap Into Their Bloodlust

Suni and Sasha are having more and more fun each week, and this time around the pair are bringing their a-game to the floor for a Vampire Diaries-inspired tango set to Ed Sheeran's "Bad Habits."

Suni and Sasha got into character as undead bloodsuckers as they hit the floor and wowed with their charisma and energy.

"You got right into character and I so enjoyed watching that," Len says.

"I am so proud," Carrie Ann adds. "I see each week... you're having more fun, aren't you?"

The judges had some critiques, but clearly it's because they think she can deliver flawless numbers. The judges give four 9s for a total of 36 out of 40!

Iman and Danielle Are Tethered to Their Routine

Iman is still putting in the effort and trying hard, and it couldn't be more on display than tonight.

The duo deliver a contemporary routine that absolutely blew the judges minds. The Us-inspired dance, set to "I Got 5 on It"

"Holy cow! That was genius!" Carrie Ann shared.

"You produced an amazing concept and created a dance that made Iman look great," Len marvels.

Derek says he's "speechless" and calls it an incredible moment. Bruno adds that he was "transfixed."

However, before we get the scores, we've got watch a few ads. 

The wait was worth it, as the pair get their scores, and they are next-level -- four 10s for a perfect 40 out of 40.

Melora & Artem Go Rabid With Cujo Routine

Melora and Val are set to deliver a routine inspired by Cujo -- which Melora's father actually appeared in.

She gets a visit from her parents in the pre-taped package and she's brought to tears by their support.

For their dance, the pair hit the stage for a jive set to Elvis Presley's "Hound Dog," which, honestly, has to be the absolute funniest interpretation of Cujo I could imagine.

Melora and Artem dish up a fun, energetic routine while covered in splashes of blood, and the whole thing is delightfully bizarre.

"You played it with such wit and such sense of humor," Bruno praises.

Carrie Ann says she feels that Melora needs to "give us more" and to push herself, and that this dance as "a little safe."

Len, however, says it was a great mix of "quantity and quality."

The pair earn earn two 8s and two 9s for a total of 34 out of 40.

Olivia and Val 'Purge' Negativity

After winding up in the bottom two last week, Olivia is questioning whether or not viewers just don't like her as a person. And she wants to really prove she has what it takes to be an incredible dancer.

Tonight will be her chance. She and Val are set to perform their first paso doble set to "Beggin'" by Måneskin, in a routine inspired by The Purge. Helpfully, Olivia says this is one of the only horror movies she's ever seen.

They hit the floor and show off her fancy footwork as Olivia and Val move fast and precisely for a fun, skillful number that -- if the world was fair -- would certainly secure their spot in next week's show.

"That was a difficult routine and you did such a good job at it," Derek shares.

Bruno praises her for keeping up with Val, and Carrie Ann responds by booing him.

"You make things look effortless," Carrie Ann says. "You were passionate!"

The pair earn four 9s across the board for a total of 36 out of 40.

Derek Hough Gets Dark and Dangerous

The long awaited performance featuring Derek Hough and his girlfriend, Hayley Erbert, was worth the anticipation.

The pair delivered an action-packed, mummy-inspired routine with a shirtless Hough raking on the role of the prince of the undead.

Joined by a whole troupe of backup-dancers, the performance was a masterful powerhouse that reminds us of what a pro like Derek is capable of.

Jimmie Allen Brings His Paternal Strength to the Stage

For their number, Jimmie and Emma are dancing a contemporary routine set to an orchestral composition of "Say Something" by Daniel Jang.

The routine is a tribute to A Quiet Place, and Jimmie talks in his pre-taped package about how much he can relate to the film because of being a dad himself, and how it changes you.

He touches briefly on welcoming his new daughter last week and it makes what he's able to accomplish on stage even more incredible.

The performance combines sign language and heartbreak as it touches on the beats of the movie, and Jimmie is brought to tears by the end of the dance.

"I love it," Len says, praising their control. "Well done."

Derek praises the pair for managing to bring so much emotion to the ballroom, as Bruno says the routine went "beyond dancing."

"You just understood the power of dance," Carrie Ann says, fighting back tears.

"I would sacrifice anything for my kids, my career, my wife, anything," Jimmie shares, explaining his emotional reaction to the tune.

The pair's dedication pays off in a big way as they get two 10s and two 9s for a total of 38 out of 40.

Cody and Cheryl Dance Like American Psychos

For Cody and Cheryl's number, the pair are paying tribute to American Psycho (which, you know, is questionable when it comes to calling that a horror movie, but still).

The pair hit the dance floor to deliver a cha-cha set to "There Will Be Blood" by Kim Petras, and Cody manages to pull off a dance number while rocking a suit and wielding an axe.

"You were amazing tonight," Carrie Ann praises.

"Honestly, I've been waiting for you to get out here and really show us your potential, and tonight you have done it," Len says.

Derek says it was "definitely" their best dance of the season, while Bruno marvels at their performance.

The pair end up earning four 9s for a total of 36 out of 40 -- marking their first nines and by far their highest score of the season.

JoJo Siwa Goes Full Pennywise

JoJo Siwa says she will have to "channel my inner Pennywise" for their number, inspired by the movie It.

In the pre-taped package, JoJo reveals she dyed her hair brown to dress up as Jenna for Halloween. It's a sweet tribute.

Although you wouldn't know she'd dyed her hair once she hits the floor because she's a horrifyingly picture-perfect Pennywise.

The pair hit a fog-covered floor for a jazz number set to "Anything Goes" by District 78 feat. Patrice Covington and the playful nature of the tune, combined with JoJo's masterful recreation of Pennywise's impish movements is really something incredible. Horrific in the best way.

"Absolutely brilliant," Bruno says. "You turned your nightmare into a work of art... you are a terrific talent."

Carrie Ann adds, "What I loved about this performance is you pushed yourself further."

"That was scary... if ever a dance captured the flavor of a book, that was it," Len shares.

Derek says he "hated it" because he's afraid of clowns, but that it was "beautifully done" and "phenomenal."

As expected from the incredible feedback, the pair earn their second perfect score in a row with four 10s across the board, totaling 40 out of 40.

Kenya and Brandon Face Their Fear (of Spiders)

Kenya and Brandon are getting into some real fear for their dance -- specifically, the fear of spiders.

The pair are dancing an Argentine tango set to The Weeknd's "Take My Breath" in a routine inspired by the 1990 creature feature Arachnophobia.

Donning black leather ensembles, Kenya gives off real Black Widow vibes, as she spends the routine trying to lure Brandon into her trap.

"You have this elegant demeanor about you that is so stunning to watch," Derek marvels. "I'm always so impressed with you."

"I think you have so much power," Carrie Ann shares. 

"You spun a web that absolutely catches the flavor of Argentine tango," Len says. "Well done."

The pair earn four 8s for a total of 32 out of 40.

The Miz and Witney Raise Hell

For The Miz and Witney's Horror Night dance, the pair are delivering a routine inspired by the iconic horror flick Hellraiser.

The Miz reveals in the pre-taped package that he and his family are huge fans of Halloween, and Witney shows off her adorable baby as her family comes together with The Miz's family -- and once again it makes The Miz seem like such a legitimately delightful human being.

Tonight, the WWE wrestler is donning full Pinhead make-up for a paso doble with the cenobite-costumed Witney, set to "Wicked Games" by RAIGN.

The number is drenched in a black and blood-red color palette and feels like the best dance tribute that could be paid to such a nightmarish classic. They cap it off by mock-killing each other on stage.

"Mike, I gotta say, you nailed it," Len says, making a rare pun based on his costume. "Overall, this was no nightmare. It was a really top performance."

"That was really impressive... you go all out every week," Derek shares.

Bruno says The Miz channeled all the devilishness of the character "with great control."

Carrie Ann adds, "It's so amazing... I loved the intensity."

The kind words were backed by the judges scores, with two 8s and two 9s for a total of 34 out of 40.

Things Are Getting Scary Now!

Tonight's DWTS is a celebration of all things Halloween! It's Horror Night in the ballroom!

Host Tyra Banks -- who is dressed like a mummy -- teases an "eerie" night of "spine tingling competition," which actually sounds great.

The Halloween nights are always fun, and tonight could prove to be particularly inventive and exciting.

Check out the video below to hear more from the couple that got cut at the conclusion of last week's Grease Night!