Daniel Lissing Reveals His Summer Wedding Is Postponed Amid COVID-19 Pandemic (Exclusive)

Daniel Lissing opened up to ET about the decision to postpone his summer wedding in Bali due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Daniel Lissing   and his fiancee, Nadia, will have to wait a bit longer to tie the knot.

After revealing to ET in February that the couple was planning a destination wedding for later this year in Bali, Lissing now says their plans have halted among the coronavirus pandemic.

“Everything’s been put on hold,” the Rookie actor told ET while video chatting from his Los Angeles home. “We postponed… we’ve got everything on hold. I think getting through the next winter in the northern hemisphere is going to be telling how this thing plays out… hopefully people will take it slowly and it all works out the way we hope that it will.”

While it’s undoubtedly a disappointing reality, Lissing said it was an easy decision to postpone the nuptials. “We don't want to risk the health and safety of our friends and family. It was the right thing to do for us and we're pretty philosophical about these kinds of things. I think that if we worry about the things that are within our control, and then don't sweat the stuff that’s out of our control… It’s all good.” 

As for a backup plan, Lissing says he and Nadia are sticking with their original plan to have an outdoor wedding in Bali. However, he added that they’re grateful to use this extra time to continue planning and perhaps even create new elements to include in their festivities.

Lissing added that the new plan is to get hitched in “May or June” of next year on a very special date. When asked the significance of the date, he coyly replied, “Oh, I don't know, it might be the day that we met.” Swoon!

Fans on Instagram have noticed a subtle change on Nadia’s profile, the addition of Lissing as her last name, prompting speculation that they’re already married. The Australian star said his bride-to-be is simply “preempting the marriage” and even showed his hands to the camera, proving the absence of a wedding band.

For now, Lissing and Nadia are enjoying their time at home together as they self-isolate amid the coronavirus pandemic. While many couples are bickering after spending too much time together, Lissing told ET it’s been quite the opposite for him and his lady love. 

“Our relationship is expanding to just better and better places,” he explained. “With Nadia and I, we're really finding because we're spending so much time together, better ways to communicate with each other… I'm all about communication, Nadia's all about communication and finding better ways for us to relate to each other.” Lissing added with a laugh, “We're kind of, actually enjoying laughing at ourselves when we get pissed off about, you know, whatever.” For the record, Lissing said their biggest squabble has been over what movie to watch: he enjoys documentaries, she enjoys horror films. 

Keeping the pair busy at home? Lissing shared they’ve been cooking together, surprising each other with gifts and hiding them around the house and even dressing up for date nights. “We've had a couple blowout dance parties at home. Nadia's really into Andrea Bocelli at the moment,” he gushed. “So just opening a nice, beautiful bottle of red [wine], we got a little courtyard area, and we actually did a photo shoot… We dressed up, we put on, like, some nice clothes, we made a meal together, homemade cocktails and we had a date night.”

Lissing also revealed he's been helping his stunning fiancee with self-care. He explained, "She can't go to the beautician or anything like that, so apparently, I'm good at it! I've been doing the eyebrow shaping and plucking, and then giving mini-facials and I have painted her nails and all that!" Render us impressed!

On a professional note, Lissing is eager to get back to working on set. Since his departure from the beloved Hallmark Channel series When Calls the Heart   in 2018, he’s appeared in several other projects, including his most recent role on The Rookie, playing an actor who plays a cop on a fictional television show. It was a recurring role that Lissing hopes can transition into the hit ABC series’ third season, should it be renewed again.

Titus [Makin Jr.] is a friend of mine, he’s really loving the storyline and as one of the lead actors on the show, he’s, you know, fighting for that to continue," Lissing explained. "I think that's a really positive sign that we can continue the story."