Meet Daniel Lissing's New Fiancee, Nadia: Inside Their Love Story (Exclusive)

The 'When Calls the Heart' star announced his engagement on Wednesday.

Daniel Lissing will soon be a married man! 

The When Calls the Heart star announced his engagement to his girlfriend, Nadia, on Wednesday, and as he told ET soon after, he can't wait to make her his wife. 

While Daniel is beloved to fans for his role as Jack Thornton on the Hallmark series, not much is known about his fiancee. Now, Nadia is sharing her story with ET, revealing how she and Daniel met a year and a half ago and fell in love, and spilling details about their upcoming nuptials! 

Nadia can't wait to become Mrs. Lissing, and until then, she's protecting her family's privacy by not revealing her last name. She couldn't be more excited to gush about her love story with Daniel to ET's Deidre Behar, however, revealing that they met in Reykjavik, Iceland. 

"I was traveling after graduating [with] my masters in business. A very happy, slightly intoxicated Australian approached me in a bar. My first impression was, 'This guy is hot but he might be a little crazy,'" she confesses. "I'd never met anyone like him before, that's for sure! I felt an instant connection."

"There was an instant connection, deeper than anything physical, mental or even explainable. The way he makes me feel is as if we've always known each other. He just get me at my core and I get him like no one else," she explains. 

Nadia had no idea Daniel was an actor until the "third or fourth" time they met up. "I'm his biggest fan now though... And he's mine," she shares. 

"The first time I experienced that he was famous (you'd never know from him), it was a little strange. But after meeting so many amazing fans that are inspired by him, I feel proud and that he is doing good things in the world," Nadia shares. "I really respect all the support he gets."

Daniel found out there's a lot to love about the brunette beauty. "I could eat pasta for every meal. Everyday!" she begins, when asked for three fun facts about her. "I'm obsessed with horror movies. I try to get Dan to watch them with me... but he freaks out after when I hide and scare him. And I have unusually wide feet. [It] makes it hard to buy shoes (one of my favorite things)."

As for the proposal -- which Daniel told ET happened on Nadia's birthday -- she says she didn't see it coming. "It was a surprise and I was overwhelmed with happiness. There were lots of tears of joy, followed by dancing around the house together! The ring is so, so beautiful," she gushes of the Tiffany & Co. sparkler. "I couldn't imagine a better one for me. He nailed it!"

Daniel, of course, knows a thing or two about tying the knot, as his character married Erin Krakow's Elizabeth on When Calls the Heart before his departure from the series last year. 

"It was a beautiful episode," Nadia says of the WCTH nuptials. "Also, it was very emotional because of what Dan was going through that day. He lost his grandfather just before they started shooting. We're taking inspiration from many places. The important thing to us is that we share it with our loved ones." 

Daniel and Nadia's own wedding might have a different vibe. "We're both water babies, so [it will happen in] summer! White sand, palm trees and the ocean, definitely!" she reveals, adding that they've already gotten started on some of the details. 

"My future sister-in-law, Tamara, is the best wedding planner ever. She's been helping us decide on everything," Nadia says. "We're just starting to discuss all the possibilities, but for me [must-haves are] family and friends, the right location, and a hell of a lot of fun." 

"Also, the dress is very important," she adds. "Obviously."

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