Daniel Lissing Spills on Planning His Upcoming Wedding to Fiancee Nadia (Exclusive)

Not only did Lissing spill all about about his upcoming wedding, but he also shared a 'When Calls the Heart' castmate is attending!

Daniel Lissing famously played a groom on television in 2018, when fans of  When Calls the Heart finally saw his character, Jack Thornton, tie the knot. Fast forward two years later, and the Australian actor is set to get married in real life to his fiancee, Nadia.

From the location, to attire, food, entertainment and former WCTH co-stars who may attend, Lissing is only dishing details on their wedding plans to ET!

Lissing tells ET the nuptials will take place “at the end of summer” in a “tropical location.” And get this, the couple is keeping the venue under wraps! “Not the country, but the actual venue, because we're keeping it secret even from our guests. They don't know where it's going to be. We've got special transportation for them to get there,” he explains.

After a little guessing back and forth, Lissing admits the destination is Bali, Indonesia, which the couple recently traveled to and fell in love with. “The people are fantastic. The climate is fantastic. It's hard to explain,” he gushes. “There's an energy in the air there. Like, great smells. Amazing food. Like, if you're a foodie, go to Bali.”

Speaking of food, fans may naturally speculate that Lissing would want to serve Burger Patch at his wedding (he’s an investor in the vegan fast food restaurant chain), but alas, he’s taking an approach that’s more authentic to the region. “We can have Western food anywhere, but you're only going to get one chance to really enjoy Bali cuisine, and so we thought, maybe we'll go down that road,” he explains.

Aside from tying the knot with the love of his life, Lissing’s top priority at the wedding is being surrounded by his closest family and friends. “Ideally, I think we'd want a very small handful of people. But you can't do that… There are people that you have to invite. Sorry family, you know I love you!” he says, laughing.

Ultimately, Lissing and his bride-to-be decided upon a guest list of about 80. “We've got quite a big family and obviously a few friends, but it's hard," he says. "Through my life and through Nadia's life, we've acquired many, many friends. Many people. We sent out the invitation. We were shocked at how many people replied within 24 hours they were definitely coming. It filled our hearts. Like, ‘Oh, that's so nice that people want to celebrate us.'"

“We have a few different dessert items, but there's definitely going to be a cake,” Lissing shares, before adding, “I'm a chocolate guy. I love my chocolate. Nadia's not as into chocolate as I am.” Because of their different taste buds, he says the couple has come to a compromise, but nothing has been locked in yet. 

Grab your tissues, because it sounds like the Lissing wedding is going to be emotional in the best way possible. As a seasoned musician himself, Lissing reveals that there’s “a good chance” he’s going to perform at the nuptials. “Maybe I've started writing something,” he teases, coyly. “It's hard. Because you know, look, you don't want to get up there in front of all your friends and family and [sing lyrics] like, ‘You're so great, love your smile, you got really nice hair,’” he says with a laugh. “I want to write a song that's a catchy tune, that she can sing afterwards and she'll remember.” Awww!

Aside from his own special performance, Lissing tells ET he feels lucky to know some of “Australia’s best musicians” who will be playing live music early on, followed by a DJ to spin the couple’s favorite songs.

One thing the couple has not addressed quite yet? The event’s dress code. Lissing says it’s up to Nadia to select her dream dress first and then they’ll ask their guests to match the tone she sets. The brunette beauty has started looking for gowns in Australia and Los Angeles, but has yet to find the perfect one. Lissing says dress shopping has been somewhat challenging because the couple shares “everything” and Nadia hasn’t been able to come to him to ask for an opinion. 

“I just told her, ‘There’s one thing that I do not want to know. I do not want to be involved with it. Keep me out of it.’ And that's the wedding dress, because the first time I see her, I want to see her walking down the aisle toward me,” Lissing says, with tears in his eyes. “I'm gonna lose it!”

He adds, “That's one of those moments that you don't ever forget. And I think that being able to see your fiancee become your wife, seeing her for the first time in a dress that she loves, it's gonna be pretty special. I'm trying to leave expectations out of it. I'm just going to try to be in the moment… but I'm a crying man!”

Similar to how Lissing wrote his own TV vows when Jack and Elizabeth tied the knot on When Calls the Heart, the actor tells ET that he plans to write his own vows to Nadia. Although, the actor said his beautiful bride is still deciding if she wants to follow suit or take a more traditional route. “She’s got a wicked sense of humor,” he says. “At the end of the day, it's going to be up to her. Whatever she wants to do.”

Lissing also adds that he believes he will cry more than Nadia, and will cry first on their big day.

While the couple is taking time to relish being engaged, and soon, newlyweds, Lissing gushes that he’s elated over the idea of starting a family together. While he notes he has no timeline in place of when that may happen, he says, “I don't think that I would've asked this woman to marry me if I couldn't envision us having children.” 

Lissing has always been candid about his affection for his former castmates on When Calls the Heart, so much so, that he’s invited a few of his closest pals to his big day. In fact, Lissing says Martin Cummins has already confirmed his plans to attend. While he says he couldn’t invite everyone, he did invite those that he’s closest to, including Erin Krakow and Ben Rosenbaum.