Danny Trejo Shares Everything He Does to Stay Stong Both Physically and Mentally

Danny Trejo
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Danny Trejo told ET how he stays strong both physically and mentally while celebrating his partnership with Sandbox VR.

All about balance! Danny Trejo is committed to his wellness regimen filled with exercise, healthy food, self-care, and more — and he’s telling ET about his well-rounded approach while celebrating his partnership with Sandbox VR for their Deadwood Valley Zombod challenge.

"Sandbox VR is known for bringing family and friends together. ... It's wild how real everything feels in virtual reality. You feel like you're really fighting zombies — or getting eaten by them," the Machete actor, 80, says.

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"People feel more connected after they have a shared experience like trying to save humanity. Sometimes technology can make people feel more alone, but Sandbox VR is all about community," he adds.

When Trejo isn't busy immersing himself in virtual reality game experiences, the Breaking Bad star enjoys hosting fun game nights for his loved ones.

"We used to have friends and family come over for Animal Crossing, but now we mostly enjoy board games," he shares.


Regardless of what he's playing, in order to take home the winning prize, Trejo relies on a full mind, body and soul approach to feel strong and ready.

"I always start with walking. Walking is the healthiest form of exercise and good for the heart. Sometimes I walk the dogs individually and then I add in some bench pressing, light weights, and do crunches. I just keep moving," he explains.

As for his diet, the restaurateur reveals, "I start my mornings with eggs, huevos rancheros and sometimes oatmeal. For lunch, or anytime, I eat tacos because they're easy. I focus on lots of protein like fish, chicken, pork and vegetables. I keep it clean and simple."

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When it comes to his emotional wellbeing, Trejo stays grounded through meditation and gratitude practices. "I meditate for half an hour a day in my yard and go over the week. It's important to get your scale right and everyone needs balance. I also give thanks to God every day for keeping me on the green side of the grass," he notes.