'Darcey & Stacey': Darcey Says Her Plastic Surgery in Turkey Will Also Heal Her From Georgi (Exclusive)

Darcey's spiritual plastic surgery transformation in Turkey continues in the season 2 finale of 'Darcey & Stacey.'

Darcey is making the most out of her trip to Turkey. In this exclusive clip from Darcey & Stacey's season finale, airing Monday, Darcey and her twin sister, Stacey, visit a traditional Turkish bathhouse and Darcey is feeling emotional over her rocky relationship with Georgi.

Darcey and Stacey traveled to Turkey to undergo multiple plastic surgery procedures, and in this clip, the twins get a Turkish bubble bath on the night before their surgeries.

"In Turkish culture, it's not only that you purify your body, but you purify your soul, which I can definitely use right now," she notes.

The sisters get a thorough scrub-down and Darcey says she feels like it's part of their "transformation." As the workers scrub their bodies, Darcey cracks, "Better than Georgi that's for sure."

"My past has been washed away, scrubbed away, and it can't hurt me anymore," she says. "I feel like a new Darcey."

"I feel like I've given Georgi too much of myself, and I want to get a piece of me back," she also tells cameras. "I think once I get the surgery, even though I might deal with some physical pain because of the surgery and stuff, I feel like I'll heal along with that on the inside too."

Darcey & Stacey's season 2 finale airs Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

ET spoke to Darcey and Stacey ahead of the second season airing of their hit 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, and they talked openly about their "spiritual" plastic surgery transformation in Turkey.

"We're the better versions of ourselves, that's how I feel, but it starts from within," Darcey said. "And going there together, as twins, we bonded more, like, it was a whole experience. ... We just felt very protected there, we felt the history, we felt, like, freed, we felt re-birthed. And I would never take that situation or journey back. This was the best thing we've ever done for ourselves. We came back healed."

"It was like a spiritual journey, too," Stacey added. "Even the producers behind the scenes were like, 'Wow, now I understand when you were talking about manifesting and all this stuff, twintuition.' They saw it firsthand."

As for the internet criticism over their plastic surgery, the twins aren't bothered.

"It's better than hiding it," Stacey pointed out. "We don't mind sharing our experiences. Everybody has their own experience and their own journey, and for us, it's a good thing."

"You know what, we're embracing ourselves, loving ourselves from within and it just radiates on the outside for us," Darcey added. "To each their own. We love ourselves enough to be able to take that journey, that step, and that risk, in a sense, to better ourselves. It wasn't just for outward transformation, it really was from the inside, and I think you have to have a certain kind of understanding that regardless of what can happen, what can't happen, you just gotta sometimes take risks in life. But this was, I feel like, worth everything because the way we bonded as sisters meant the world to us, surgery or no surgery. ... But I know people are gonna question it. 'Why do they do that, don't they love themselves?' Yeah, we love ourselves enough to do it. That's how we see it."