'Darcey & Stacey': Georgi Chats With Darcey's Most Hated Ex, Jesse (Exclusive)

Get ready for the return of Darcey's infamous ex, Jesse.

Get ready for the return of Darcey's infamous ex, Jesse. In this exclusive clip from Monday's all new Darcey & Stacey, Darcey's fiancé, Georgi, gets in touch with Jesse to ask about their former relationship.

Darcey and Georgi have been on shaky ground after his ex-wife, Octavia, dropped some bombshells -- such as her claim that they're still legally married and that she caught him on a sugar mama website -- after Darcey met up with her. Clearly, Darcey isn't the only one who can meet up with an ex behind her partner's back. In this exclusive clip, Georgi contacts Jesse. Jesse and Darcey had a memorably disastrous breakup on 90 Day Fiancé, and he also caused problems with another one of her exes, Tom.

In the clip, Georgi says that he has no choice but to contact Jesse.

"I hear so many times about Jesse, but seeing Jesse for first time, face to face it feel weird," he tells cameras. "But in the end, I have questions. I'm looking for answers, so I don't have option."

Georgi asks Jesse if Darcey ever contacted any of his exes. Jesse says she did, and that he even gave her his phone because he didn't want to be hounded by her every day.

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ET spoke with Darcey and Stacey ahead of season 2 of their hit show, and Darcey addressed Georgi and Jesse having a conversation behind her back. Darcey and Jesse continue to be on bad terms after their messy on-air breakup, and Darcey definitely did not approve of Georgi having a conversation with him.

"I can't even say his name back," Darcey said with a laugh, referring to Jesse. "Talking to you know who, maybe as a jab back or something like that."

"Maybe they both wanted attention," she added of Georgi and Jesse's motives. "They can have each other's attention, I don't know."

ET also spoke with Darcey last August, when she talked about what made Georgi different from her exes, Jesse and Tom, and reflected on her failed relationships.

"I learned from the past," she said. "I learned what I don't want. I'll cherish the good memories but all in all, it was both, like, a toxic situation. I never expected it to happen that way but I love big and I give big and they just ... were too hard to handle. I didn't just want to be involved with someone who was kinda going to lower my worth and I knew I was going to rise above in the end."

"I've definitely healed from that," she continued. "My idea is what I choose now in my life and I'm never gonna settle for less."