David Dobrik Addresses His Break From YouTube (Exclusive)

David Dobrik addressed his break from YouTube, telling ET he's used the extra time to fulfill his dream of opening a pizza shop.

David Dobrik has addressed his break from YouTube, telling ET last week that he used the extra time to fulfill his dream of opening a pizza shop. 

Doughbrik's Pizza, Dobrik's new restaurant, opened on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles on Nov. 12. The Internet star told ET's Denny Directo that the endeavor took him three years to accomplish. 

"I've been working on for so long... and I remember every month," he said. "Everybody that's come by has absolutely loved it." 

Dobrik explained that he used the time it takes to edit YouTube content to focus on the planning and execution of his restaurant, which is modeled after the basement from That 70s Show. 

"I think it goes back to creating a fun experience," he said, "where everyone just comes in and they go in as they please and now I finally have a place like that but for the public." 

In the meantime, Dobrik has focused on online content that requires less editing and planning in places like Snapchat, where he was recently named one of the platform's most viewed creators. 

"Snapchat is just the best because I can literally go about my regular day and just do regular things," he said. With YouTube, he continued, "you're always trying to make sure something is funny." 

"There's no way if I was making videos I would be able to make this," he said in reference to Doughbriks. He added that he knows an influencer owning a restaurant can feel silly, but he hopes fans will see his real passion for the establishment. 

"This pizza is the one I would order if I didn't own this place, so this is -- I'm telling you, just come out and try it and then make your judgments. I know you'll love it," he said. 

After last week's opening, Dobrik now has his sights set on the next step. "The goal would be to have our next location somewhere in Chicago and then San Diego, Miami, New York," he said. "That would be the dream obviously."