David Harbour Shows Off His Massive Arms on 'Saturday Night Live' and Fans Are Freaking Out

david harbour on snl
Will Heath/NBC

The 'Stranger Things' star may have just won the internet.

David Harbour took to the Saturday Night Live stage over the weekend, and aside from being a legitimately delightful and funny host, he also had some people getting a little hot under the collar.

As it turns out, the Stranger Things star has some seriously impressive arms and is very tall. In other words, there are more than a few viewers could barely contain themselves over how unexpectedly hot he was.

In one sketch, Harbour plays a man bun-wearing SoulCycle instructor named Deacon who "has an addiction to pushing myself -- and cocaine." And fans seemed to have an addiction to his biceps!


A few fans got a bit NSFW on social media over their love for the tank top-sportinactor.

A few of his other sketches seemed to have the same effect, including one where he played a sexy school principal.

Actually, he played a regular school principal but that didn't stop people from drooling.

He also played an old Italian grandmother who gets hot and heavy with her elderly husband (played by Kate McKinnon) while cooking pasta in front of their horrified grandkids.

Fans watching at home didn't seem to be quite as horrified.

Good work, Sheriff Hopper -- you truly won the internet on Saturday night!

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