Pete Davidson Returns to 'Saturday Night Live' and Reveals Why He Really Missed the Last Two Episodes

Pete Davidson on 'SNL'

The actor joined guest host David Harbour and sat down for a 'Weekend Update' segment on the latest episode of 'SNL.'

Pete Davidson was noticeably absent from the first two episodes of Saturday Night Live's new season, but he made his subdued return this weekend -- and it turns out he had a good reason for the absence.

Stranger Things star David Harbour made his SNL hosting debut on Saturday, and for his monologue, he took viewers on a tour of Studio 8H that went south quickly when he discovered a portal to the Upside Down in one of the hallways.

Stepping into the void, he found Aidy Bryant trapped by creepy vines and watched Beck Bennett get devoured by a Demogorgon, but the most shocking discovery came when he found Davidson just chilling in a hallway.

"Pete Davidson? Is there where you've been? In the Upside Down?" Harbour asked, to which Davidson just casually confirmed.

Davidson also asked the all-important question of whether or not Harbour's character died at the end of season three, to which the actor said he couldn't possibly reveal the truth.

"Just watch the show. You'll find out next season," Harbour said, quickly moving on to another section of the nether realm.

Later, the 25-year-old comedian joined Colin Jost and Michael Che during "Weekend Update," where he offered his opinion on the reported rise of treatable STDs that are being attributed to the popularity of dating apps.

"I get tested for STDs all the time because I look like I have all of them," Davidson joked, "and look like I might have created my own."

He also lamented the recent rise of gonorrhea after a long period of decline. "Does everything in my generation have to be a reboot?" Davidson quipped. "The clap and Rambo came back in the same year, and neither of them were wanted."

The real reason Davidson was missing for the first two episodes is because he's hard at work on the set of a new comic book adaptation of the Suicide Squad in Atlanta. While the SNL premiere was going on, Davidson was at a special screening for Joker with his Suicide Squad co-stars, including Margot Robbie, Joel Kinnaman and Jai Courtney.

SNL airs live coast-to-coast on Saturdays at 11:30 p.m. ET, 8:30 p.m. PT on NBC.