Dax Shepard 'Crushed All the Bones in His Hand' and Was Afraid to Tell Kristen Bell

The actor's wife shares the story on Tuesdays' The Ellen DeGeneres Show.'

Dax Shepard recently sustained a painful injury, but he was more concerned about how his wife, Kristen Bell, would react to the news. The 45-year-old actor and podcast host wasn't making the best decisions in quarantine, which led to his severe injury. 

"He went on an 'essential' off-roading trip right when quarantine began," Kristen says of her husband on Tuesday's The Ellen DeGeneres Show. "It was by himself. He was off-roading in the mountains and he had a buddy with him, but they were in separate off-roading vehicles."

Apparently Dax made a mistake while trying to look out over a cliff that led to him flipping his vehicle, which "did crush all the bones in his hand."

When asked how she responded to the news when Dax called her, she replies, "He didn't call me. He drove home... and the first thing he said when he walked in the door is, 'I just don't want to be in trouble.' Which is crazy because he's never in trouble with me. I mean, I'll let you know if I'm disappointed in your actions but I'm an adult, and he's an adult. I said, 'You're not in trouble, but it's not the smartest move you could have made.'"

Dax has to wear a cast and can really only do one-handed tasks now thanks to his injury, but he did manage to handle one gross chore recently. 

"He did clean out the drain in our shower the other day," Kristen admits. "He pulled out the biggest wad of fur that I have ever... it was like the size of a small purebred dog... That was a week ago and even now our girls won't shower in that shower because they're scared that the hair monster's going to come up and suck them down the drain."

Kristen and Dax are parents to daughters Lincoln, 7, and Delta, 5, and Kristen jokes that she "gave up" on homeschooling her youngest.  

"I attempted to give her some math problems in the beginning of this quarantine and I handed them to her and she answered the first and second one and then she got real sassy and in the answer grid for the rest of the questions, she just wrote, 'No, no, no,'" Kristen quips.  

Kristen previously opened up to ET's Kevin Frazier about the challenges she's faced while quarantining with her husband. 

"We've gotten on each other’s last nerve these last couple days," Bell admitted last month. "We’re doing much better now because were laughing about it. But when we were not laughing about it for the first couple of days, that's the hard spot."

Watch the clip below for the exclusive tour of her homeschooling headquarters: