Debi Mazar Shares Update on Her Coronavirus Diagnosis and When 'Younger' Will Return (Exclusive)

The actress also jokes about being 'forced' to embrace her gray hair and talks new miniseries, 'Arde Madrid.'

Debi Mazar is on the up and up.

ET's Katie Krause chatted with the Younger star via video chat, where she gave an update on her health status after testing positive for the coronavirus last month. Mazar shared that she's been feeling better after having "every symptom that you've read about," including the loss of taste and smell.

However, she believes that she is COVID-19-free, even though she's not able to get tested.

"I live in New York and you can't get tested here anymore. Tests are not available even though they say they are, they're not," she told ET. "They won't be giving me a COVID test. I don't have any symptoms."

Amid her recovery, Mazar has been taking all types of supplements, "immune boosters like zinc and oregano oil." "I got Chinese medicine that they were using a lot in China to help people recover," she shared.

The actress is not worried about getting the virus again, but does believe that she "could definitely get it again in the fall."

"I'm hoping I don't get it again before they get the vaccine," she said, adding, "but your body develops immunities. So I think I'm better off than someone who hasn't had it."

Thankfully, she said, her husband, Gabriele Corcos, and their two kids are all doing well. "They stopped having any symptoms like at the end of February. So they're healthy and strong."

Mazar, meanwhile, has gotten used to quarantining -- but her gray hairs, not so much.

"I don't love it. I mean, I'm forced to embrace [the gray]," she said about her salt and pepper hair. "I don't know if you can see here, but it's really coming in. I'm letting it go because I think it's really good to give your hair a break."

The actress was ready to head back to production and kick off season 7 of Younger, before everything was put on hold.

"We had received the first two scripts and I was supposed to go for a wardrobe fitting next week. We were supposed to have the first group table read on March 24th or something like that and then March 25th was a big photo shoot for the cast photo and then March 30th was the first day of production," she shared. "So we never even got to the fittings. The wardrobe people were ready at the studio, pulling stuff, getting ready. The sets were being built, my apartment was being put back together, and then it just all shut down."

Mazar is hopeful that they will start filming in August or September, and in the meantime is promoting her miniseries, Arde Madrid: Burn Madrid Burn, directed by and also starring Paco León. The Spanish-language comedic, suspense thriller is about a right-wing governess sent to spy on Hollywood actress Ava Gardner (Mazar) during her wild stay in Madrid in the early 1960s. The eight-part show first premiered in November 2018 in Spain and is now making its way stateside.

"Ava Gardner, her energy and her beauty always stood out to me. She seemed like a real original," Mazar expressed. "And she had this kinda wild streak. I actually have read some of her biographies…It isn't about Ava Gardner or Hollywood, it's about Ava moving to Madrid…And it's very, very funny. It's super funny. It's eight episodes."

For the project, Mazar worked on her Spanish and accent for four months. "Working in another language was so refilling, it was so exciting," she said. "We were honored to get a second season, but unfortunately the writer and the director split up. They were a couple and they decided not to move forward. They're calling it a miniseries and it's perfect as it is because to create that magic again…when you see it, I don't think it could have continued. It ended perfectly."

Arde Madrid: Burn Madrid Burn premieres May 5 on the streaming service MHz Choice.