Liza Koshy Jokes She’s Close to Starting Her Own Dating Show From Quarantine (Exclusive)

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Liza Koshy jokes she needs to get out more -- in the old-fashioned sense of the word. 

In an interview with ET's Kevin Frazier, the comedian and YouTuber opened up about her dating life in quarantine, revealing that it's pretty much nonexistent. 

"No, I'm not [dating in quarantine]," she said, laughing at the thought of how some couples have connected virtually. 

"I need the encouragement to step out and go do it. Not step out, but stay in and go do it," Koshy noted. "I was close to starting a show on Instagram Live." 

As the Liza on Demand star cracked, the idea came to her out of creativity and desperation, in the hopes of finding "any willing bachelors who want to settle down together, separately."

"It would be so interesting to, like, go live... If someone just like, watches you go on a blind date with someone you guest in on your Live. I'm pitching a show," she quipped. "We can work on that!" 

While her Instagram dating show is a work in progress, Koshy has a new show ready to stream on Quibi. She hosts Floored, a show in which two dance crews put their moves to the test on a moving dance floor. 

"We had so many emergency vehicles on set. Didn't use one!" she revealed. "We were really, really safe.  We ensured a really safe set. The foam pit is massive." 

With safety taken care of, dancers were free to focus on other things -- like overcoming their deepest fears. "We had one girl that was terrified of heights," Koshy said. "I relate, because I'm short, and she was crying in the pit afterwards. But it was like, happy tears. Like, we helped her overcome her fear."

"She owes us one, for sure," she joked. 

Floored has also allowed Koshy to reach new heights. "I went out there in 6-inch heels, that's talent right there, OK?" she said. "It's insane, I don't know how they do it." 

Koshy is also working on her own dance moves. She recently joined Will Smith for his stay-at-home Snapchat series, Will From Home. 

"He is the most generous with his journey, and his advice, and his words of wisdom," she said of the actor. "It was amazing, because he commended me for [being] somebody that he studied online, and to understand social media. That blew my mind, because I've been studying him in terms of, like, acting and how to be Will Smith. How does one do it?"

"But Will From Home was really fun. We did a little dance-off. He's learning TikTok right now. I make, like, 17 TikToks a day and I post one or none," she added. "It's hard, man."

Koshy also has nothing but love for James Charles -- even after joking she was stepping on his neck in a recent TikTok makeup tutorial. "He commented below and said, 'Get off of me.' So I did. So, it's fine," she said. "Everything is working. His esophagus is not squished. He's good." 


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See more on Koshy in the video below. 


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