Liza Koshy on David Dobrik & Lilly Singh Making the Jump from YouTube to TV (Exclusive)

Liza Koshy

Liza Koshy has lots of love for her fellow YouTubers.

She dropped by ET Live's the Downlow(d) to chat about the upcoming second season of Liza on Demand, where she shared her total support for David Dobrik, who's been able to find success beyond YouTube -- including hosting the 2019 Teen Choice Awards alongside Lucy Hale. She also expressed how proud she is of Lilly Singh's NBC late-show A Little Late with Lilly Singh. 

"I saw that pop up on my Instagram feed and I saw the reposting and I immediately texted him and said, 'Dude, congrats!' Because he wants to be a late-night host and I think he'd be brilliant," she gushed of discovering he got the hosting job.

"He's made for hosting. He gets along with any personality," she continued. "And he's super warm and welcoming and genuine with whatever he does, so he was perfect. He was great."

The 23-year-old YouTuber also briefly shared that she and Dobrik do still talk from time to time, stating, "Yes, we are still friends. Still very supportive of each other. It's so interesting that the world wants to know, though."

Koshy and Dobrik dated from 2015 to 2017, announcing their breakup in a viral video in June of last year.

While discussing the success of the numerous other YouTube stars who are moving beyond the platform, she said: "I love people that are trying things that are outside of their comfort zone and doing things that people wouldn't expect them to do and stepping outside of the box, the literal rectangle that they literally created for themselves on YouTube. So, it's fun. I'm proud of them." 

Koshy also shared some details on her fictional alter ego's "tasker" life on her show's new season and how often she and the show's other creators pulled from things that really happened.

"I mean, we actually lived real-life experiences, right? So, I hired a tasker to come over to my house to break down boxes, that is privilege problem," she said jokingly. "But yes, I didn't want to break down the boxes myself. But that did inspire my co-creators, Harry [Elfont], Deb [Kaplan] and I to basically dive into the gig economy." 

"Literally, we hired someone to go out and get food for us," she continued. "So, what's the story? What happened? What are the adventures of that person? And so that's what Liza is and that's the stories that we follow."

In the trailer for the new season, Liza is shown sprinting down a street totally naked, which Koshy partially explained as well.

"So basically Liza gets hired as a nude model," she revealed. "I won't give anything else away. She doesn't realize it's a nude gig and she gets caught outside. But I'll leave the rest for you to tune in."

Season two of Liza on Demand premieres on YouTube Premium on Sept. 25.


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