Watch ET Live at Beautycon LA 2019: Ciara, Liza Koshy, Megan Thee Stallion & More!


Beautycon Festival LA is officially here, and ET Live has you covered all weekend! 

The two-day convention brings fans, influencers, entrepreneurs and celebrities in one room to connect, shop and talk all things beauty-related, featuring more than 150 brands (and you can shop all their best products here!), panels and special performances.

If you can't be there in person, ET Live is your next best place to be! We'll be bringing you all the action, including interviews with the stars and the biggest names in beauty. On Sunday we'll catch up with Ciara, Liza Koshy, Megan Thee Stallion, Hayley Williams, Tess Holiday and more.

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And catch up on the highlights below!


Daisy Marquez Kicks Off ET's First Interview of the Day!

The makeup artist stopped by the ET Lounge, where she spoke to Kristen Gill about how she defines beauty: "I think beauty can just be anything you want it to be … beauty doesn't have any boundaries; you can just make it your own and rock it."

MAAD Shares Her Beautycon Essentials

While speaking with ET, the singer/DJ revealed all of her Beautycon must-haves. "Definitely my headphones, a brush, 'cause the headphones jack you up," she joked. "Other than that, just think about the great music to play and that's about it."

Jen Atkin Gives Advice to Female Entrepreneurs

Celebrity hairstylist, Jen Atkin, spoke to ET's Oscar Gracey about women pursuing entrepreneurship! Atkins advised, "Don't have money be your goal you really want to be passionate about whatever you're doing… They're going to really know if you're doing it for the right reasons."

"Also know that everything's gonna be a lot of work. Nothing comes easy, but reach for the stars," she continued.

Atkin also expressed her excitement about women making their mark in every industry, saying, "It's such a great time for women right now. We're totally taking the mic in so many different industries, not just beauty!"

 "And I hope to see more female CEOs and female venture capitalists. I think it's going to be really an amazing time," she added.

Jeannie Mai Says She's Dating, But Also Enjoying Her 'Hot Girl Summer!'

Mai gave ET juicy details about her love life! When asked about her current relationship, the television personality revealed, "I am going to keep it to myself, because it's a hot girl summer and I'm feeling hot and in love!"

Mai also talked about finding a man who loves her for her true self.  "I think what's interesting is -- is that beautiful blend when you start dating of finding someone who accepts you for who you are but also making sure that you look hot," she added. "I like to make sure that he's seen me in my all natural like he also knows what he's dealing with."

Kahh Spence Talks Redefining Beauty

ET sat down with the hair stylist extraordinaire, who opened up about what beauty means to him. "Beauty is just about people embracing themselves and people just really feeling like their most beautiful self," Spence explained.

Erika La'Pearl and Melly Sanchez Tease Cardi B's Makeup Line

Cardi B's makeup artist, Erika La'Pearl, and beauty guru Melly Sanchez sat down with ET teasing Cardi B's upcoming makeup line, which the Invasion of Privacy rapper previously disclosed to ET may be in the works.

La'Pearl revealed, "She [Cardi B] wants me to be part of that process, which I think is amazing. She trusts me with her brand. I can't wait for it to come out. I know she's going to slay these girls."

La'Pearl also expressed how grateful she is to have Cardi B as a client, saying, "I like that she opened a lot of doors for me and I'm so thankful for that...I love her." She added, "That's why I choose to only work with her. She's already ten people in one."

Summer Mckeen on Self Love

The beauty guru about what she does to ensure that she's secure with herself.

"It's definitely a daily struggle. I don't think that any girl is super 100 percent sure of themselves all of the time," Mckeen revealed. "It's just a constant need to remind yourself that not everybody is perfect and to look in the mirror and think positive about yourself and continue to search for self love. That's something I try to do to find true beauty in myself."

Mckeen also talked about when she personally feels most beautiful. She described, "I feel most beautiful when I take my makeup off and do my skin routine for the night and I'm like totally comfortable."

Tina Knowles Lawson Says Blue Ivy Is a Budding Makeup Artist

Miss Tina is making sure her granddaughter follows in Beyonce's beauty-filled footsteps. 

"I've bought Blue so many makeup kits, much to her dad's dismay!" she admitted to ET, laughing that fathers like JAY-Z "don't like that." "But it's just for playtime. We have fun!"

It may be just for fun, but Blue is acquiring some real skills, especially in the eye makeup department. "She puts stones and does all this fancy stuff. She can do a perfect cat eye. She's a little artist," Knowles Lawson gushed. 

Kelly Rowland Addresses Destiny's Child Tour Rumors

"That was news to me, just as much as it was to you!" Rowland told ET on Saturday. "I was like, 'Oh! My god, a tour is happening! Someone call me.'"

"Everybody's supportive of each other's personal ventures right now," she continued. "If it were to happen, I would want it to be a surprise. I feel like we know so much now. News is right at your fingertips and sometimes it's very bad journalism! Shame on you, whoever reported that."


Hayley Williams on What's Next for Paramore

Hayley Williams and hair stylist Brian O'Connor stopped by ET's suite to talk about their company, Good Dye Young, as well as what's next for her band, Paramore.

"I really don't know what's next for Paramore, but the guys and I just had dinner the other night at my house. I think we're just really enjoying being friends and adult human beings at home by ourselves without music, you know?" Williams said, adding that her true passion will always be music, and she doesn't want fans to forget that amid her work with Good Dye Young. 

Megan Thee Stallion Teases Collab With Lizzo

After taking to social media last week to show off their twerking Texas friendship, Megan teased there's a collab on the way. "Lizzo is my girl!" she said. "I love Lizzo!" 

Liza Koshy's Getting Naked

The soon-to-be late night talk show host gave quite the tease while speaking with ET about season two of YouTube's Liza on Demand. 

"I'm going to just go ahead and say it, because I want y'all to watch. First episode, I'm naked. I release my own nudes in hi-def! So I'm naked the entire first episode... I'll leave it up to the imagination, but I won't when the episode comes out," she shared. 

"I'm so excited for season two. It was amazing to create and come back to my family and reunite and create something really special again," she added. "Season one was fun, but season two, like my outfit, got a little upgrade!" 


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