2019 Teen Choice Awards: The Best, Worst and Weirdest Moments

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This year's Teen Choice Awards was held outdoors next to the Hermosa Beach Pier, which meant there was a lot of potential for weird glitches and technical nightmares before the show even kicked off.

Luckily, tech issues never reared their ugly head. Instead, the show proved to be a mixed bag of sorts, filled with some fun, lively performances and a few heartfelt acceptance speeches, as well as a slew of awkward interactions, lackluster comedy bits and bizarre stage design.

Hosted by the enthusiastic duo of Lucy Hale and David Dobrik, the young pair did their best to hold down the fort and keep the show rolling along -- even when they did hit a few snags. Dobrik made his awards show hosting debut, and while there were moments he was a bit shaky, his charismatic charm helped him keep things afloat.

Here's a look at some of the best, worst and weirdest moments from Sunday's Teen Choice Awards that stood out -- for better or worse -- during the breezy two-hour telecast.


Robert Downey Jr. Celebrates Win With Mini-Iron Men

In a perfect farewell to his tenure as Tony Stark, the Iron Man star accepted the Choice Action Star award for his tear-jerking performance in Avengers: Endgame. He took the stage with a cadre of pre-teen superfans, all dressed in adorable Iron Man outfits, and called them out, by name, thanking them and everyone else for their love and support over his years of playing the iconic character. As a group, they all signed off with the emotional sentiment from Endgame, "We love you 3000!"

Sky Brown Is All Inspiration

The 11-year-old pro skateboarder and Dancing With the Stars Juniors champion delivered one of the most inspirational moments of the night. After showing off some of her moves as the show came back from commercials. Speaking with Hale, Brown shared some words of wisdom for all the little girls looking up to her: "Get out there, just be brave! You can do anything you want to do, you just have to believe in yourself! Have fun, go for it and do it because you love it!"

Ken Jeong's Inspiring Speech

Jeong delivered a powerful and inspirational acceptance speech on behalf of his ensemble comedy Crazy Rich Asians, after the film won the award for Choice Comedy Movie. "I've been very, very fortunate to be a part of a lot of great movies in my career, but Crazy Rich Asians is by far the most important," Jeong said. "You know why? Because representation matters. Diversity is what makes America great. It's important for us to see people who look like us on screen. And, as Jon Chu says, it's not a movie it's a movement."

Taylor Swift Advocates for Social Change

Swift was honored with the first-ever TCA Icon Award -- presented to her by none other than US Women's National Soccer Team co-captain Alex Morgan -- and she used her time on stage to advocate for gender equality and shared a heartfelt message of appreciation for her fans. She was also awarded a special Teen Choice Awards surfboard that was custom designed just for her and included a custom-van-style painted portrait of her adorable kittens.

The World's Biggest Jack Black Fan Gets So Excited

When Jack Black's name was announced at the end of the show -- as the celeb who would be presenting the Jonas Brothers with their Decade Award -- one fan in the audience seemed to absolutely lose his mind with excitement, and crowd cameras caught the fantastic facial expression. Most people wish they could be as excited by anything in their lives as this man is about Jack Black. Truly, we are all jealous.

Jonas Brothers Share a Message About Bullying

When Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas took the stage to accept the honorary Decade Award, the brothers used the opportunity to share an inspirational message about overcoming adversity and dealing with bullying. Kevin shared a story about how he was made fun of for his hairstyle, but when he went out for his first acting audition it was his much maligned frosted tips that snagged him the gig. As for Nick, the singer recalled how he was the target of bullying by teachers, who wanted to "to keep me in my place" by telling him to "stop drawing attention" to himself. But he ignored those trying to chip away at his self-esteem. Ultimately, Joe explained that it's important to "embrace" those aspects of yourself that others try to denigrate, because they are your secret strengths.



The Jonas Brothers-less Musical Opening

Considering the fact that the Jonas Brothers were sort of the unofficial focus of the evening, you'd think they could get them to actually perform. Instead, the show opened with a pre-taped playback of "Sucker" as backup dancers performed on stage, and there was no live performance to be seen.

Baby Sharks Can't Dance to 'Baby Shark'

If you're going to bring out a bunch of dancers decked out like baby sharks to have them dance to a cover of "Baby Shark," we better actually get to see that happen! Instead, we got the ridiculous costumes and then they cut to commercial before we had a chance to see it happen. This is a grave injustice that will never truly be rectified.



Most Selfies Ever Taken at the Teen Choice Awards

As part of Hale's hosting duties alongside Dobrik, they had everyone take out their phones to snap the most number of selfies ever take during the Teen Choice Awards, apparently. While it might have been weird and novel when Ellen DeGeneres did it at the Oscars years ago, watching thousands of half-interested people take photos of themselves on their phones for 30 seconds makes for a television moment that may have sounded better in the pitch meeting. And Dobrik's bet that they definitely "broke the internet" was something of an overestimation.

OneRepublic Sings 'Counting Stars'

When OneRepublic hit the stage, the rock band made the surprising decision to kick things off with a full performance of their most famous hit, "Counting Stars." And as good as that song is, it's from 2013. They followed that with their latest track, "Rescue Me," released in May. The whole thing just felt dated, and the song was released when the average "teen" in the audience would have still been listening to Kids Bop tracks.

The Sunblock Bottle Cap Challenge

Remember how the Bottle Cap Challenge was a big thing on social media like a month ago? Well, Hale and Dobrik decided that it's be fun to try it, live, on stage, with a bottle of sunblock. As everyone no-doubt guessed, it ended with Dobrik kicking Hales's hand and spraying sunblock all over the audience, before they just as quickly moved on to whatever was next on the schedule.

The Beach Ball Back-Up Dancers

Sarah Hyland delivered her debut performance of her track with Jordan McGraw, "Met at a Party," during Sunday's show. Say what you will about the song, or about their low-key energy, or the number as a whole, there's simply no denying that when it comes to the back-up dancers with pink beach balls in place of their heads, that stuff is straight-up nightmare fuel.

Surprise John Stamos Appearance!

At one point, while presenting an award, Hale and Dobrik were suddenly met with a blank prompter. Panicking, they decided to just dance to fill time, but Dobrik was shocked by a sudden and unexpected John Stamos appearance. As it turns out, the broken prompter was just an excuse to present Dobrik with his very own -- and first -- Teen Choice Award for Choice Male Web Star. It was a sweet gesture, but -- like so many other moments during Sunday's show -- very weirdly executed.

Jack Black's Lumberjack Hitchhiker Vibes

The Jumanji star is a comedy icon and one of the funniest, friendliest and most likable people on the planet. That being said, we weren't prepared for the bushy salt-and-pepper beard, wildly unkempt hair, Hawaiian shirt and, most inexplicably, a black backpack. He looked like a lumberjack hitchhiker. He looked like a man who had been rescued after being stranded on a desert island decided to go backpacking through the Mojave immediately after stepping off the airlift helicopter. He looked like a bear on vacation in the Bahamas.


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