Jonas Brothers Accept Decade Award at 2019 Teen Choice Awards With Inspirational Speech

Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas received the prestigious award on Sunday in California.

Everything is burnin' up for the Jonas Brothers right now, and we couldn't be happier!

After banding together for the first time in a decade and having arguably one of the best musical comebacks of 2019, Nick, Joe and Kevin Jonas happily took the stage at the Teen Choice Awards in Hermosa Beach, California, on Sunday to accept the prestigious Decade Award.

After Jumanji star Jack Black presented the JoBros with the infamous Teen Choice surfboard, the "Cool" singers gave a heartfelt acceptance speech addressing bullying and how they turned adversity into strength.

Kevin Jonas kicked things off, sharing a story about how he got bullied and called insulting names for having frosted tips in his hair. However, when he tried out for his first acting gig in a TV commercial, he got the part because of his hair.

"They hired me because they liked my frosted tips," Kevin shared. "The same haircut that got me called 'piss head' is what started my actual career, and it's also the reason I'm standing on this stage, receiving this award today."

Nick opened up about some bullying he received as a kid as well. Only, for Nick, the people stepping on his self-esteem weren't other kids but the teachers. As he discovered his love of performing, he managed to get cast in some Broadway shows as a child, but Nick said his teachers "felt it was their job to keep me in my place by singling me out and giving me a bit harsher treatment than everybody else." 

He recalled how, on his birthday one year when he was little, he was very excited to be celebrating his big day. But that ended up getting him scolded.

"My teachers yelled at me, 'Stop drawing attention to yourself.' And I had enough self-doubt as it was, I didn't need to be told how little I really was," Nick shared. "But if I had stopped what I was doing that moment ... I wouldn't be here today, receiving this award."

"The reason we're telling you these stories is the first award we ever won was a Teen Choice Award," Kevin added. "I think for all of us, the thing that's most important is that we share with you that those things that you feel like you're singled out about, that you're bullied about, that define you in your teen years, can become the thing that make you special. It's your gift. It's your power."

"Embrace those things," Joe added as they all waved to their screaming fans while the show came to a close.

Before getting the award, the Jonas Brothers appeared in a pretaped package in which they looked back over their past Teen Choice Awards, poking fun at some of their previous experiences and awkward early on-stage moments.

Between 2008 and 2010, the Jonas Brothers took home a total of 15 Teen Choice Awards. This year alone, they are nominated in five categories, including Choice Music Group, Choice Summer Group and Choice Pop Song for "Sucker."

The Jonas Brothers' Happiness Begins tour is also underway. They will tour the United States and Europe until March 8. ET's Kevin Frazier exclusively spoke to Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas backstage on Wednesday at their first tour stop in Miami, Florida, where they talked about their wives and kids joining them on tour.

"They're all here tonight, so that should be good, and our parents are in town," Nick adds, referring to all three brothers' wives -- including Kevin's wife, Danielle -- who've dubbed themselves "the J sisters." "[Our brother] Frankie is in town. We got the extended family. It is an army."

For more on the JoBros, watch the video below.



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