Jonas Brothers Get Real on How Touring Has Changed: 'Tipsy' Fans, an 'Army' of Wives and More (Exclusive)

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Longtime Jonas Brothers fans can definitely expect a much different tour experience on their Happiness Begins Tourthan previous ones they've attended.

ET's Kevin Frazier was exclusively with Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas backstage on Wednesday prior to their first tour stop in Miami, Florida, where they talked about how their shows are changing since their last tour six years ago. The massive 40-date tour, presented by the American Airlines Mastercard, runs through Oct. 20, ending in Los Angeles.

The brothers point out that their fans have grown up with them since they reunited in February, and the show takes note of that.

"I think the thing that was most surprising to us when one of the first shows we did back was our fans were tipsy at the show, which was new for us -- we never played our music to people drinking, necessarily," Nick says. "Now that is sort of the objective at the show. We've literally crafted the show with that in mind. People want to come have a good time."

"You know, happiness begins as an idea," he continues. "It's about seeing too much darkness and sadness in the world -- why don't we bring some light, some positivity? And for some that means coming to a good show and having a drink and enjoying themselves. We want to be able to be the people to provide that experience."

Joe also points out how the passing of time has affected their relationships with devoted fans.
"Yeah, now we're meeting a lot of people that say that their kids are named after us, which is interesting," Joe says. "Pets is one thing, but when it's your child, that's ..."    

"But, also some tattoos that didn't necessarily age well, so there's like a period where we weren't a band that they just had a Jonas Brothers tattoo on their arm so they're really happy that it's now back," Nick adds.    

Of course, another big aspect of why touring is so different six years later is that Joe and Nick are married now -- to Sophie Turner and Priyanka Chopra, respectively -- which means the J sisters, including Kevin's wife, Danielle, will be on board during some of the tour dates.

"It's an army," Kevin notes, as Joe jokes, "The VIP section is going to be pouring over."      

Kevin shares that all their wives and family are going to be seated at the bar.

"Yeah, it's going to be a party," Joe tells ET.

Nick explains how the vibe of touring is definitely different now.

"Yeah, family changes everything and I think this started at a place where it wasn't about, 'OK, let's get right back on tour, right back in the studio,'" he shares. "It was us saying, 'Are we good as family first?,' and making that a priority. And you know, after about a year and a half of doing some real work on that and those tough conversations, we got to a point were we could actually say, 'We can do this again,' and have it be better than the way it was last time. It's really special and you know, we're going to have our families with us tonight which will feel amazing to have that support."    

"It's an incredible feeling and this tour in a lot of ways was the perfect storm," he adds. "Everything with 'Sucker,' 'Cool,' the songs we have with the record coming out, I think all of it was going toward this moment to be back onstage together. To see our fans we haven't seen in six, seven years and there's a magic to it that we can't explain. We're thrilled to kick this thing off."

The brothers were similarly candid about their breakup and reunion in their Chasing Happiness documentary, and ET spoke to the director, John Taylor, in June. Taylor talked about the brothers reuniting, and how not everyone was immediately on board.

"There was a lot of hesitation [to get back together] coming from a couple of people," he shared. "Nick had kind of made his mind up and wanted to get this thing going again, and Joe was comfortable with where he is in his life. And I think through spending some time together, some old wounds got healed and the guys decided to get back in it."

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