Jonas Brothers Documentary Director Reveals What Didn't Make the Cut (Exclusive)

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The Jonas Brothers' new documentary digs deep into the personal and professional lives of Nick, Kevin and Joe Jonas -- but not everything made the final cut. 

While speaking with ET's Lauren Zima at the premiere of Chasing Happinessat the Regency Bruin Theatre in Los Angeles on Monday, director John Taylor opened up about one special moment left on the cutting room floor. 

"Nick walks into Joe's place in Australia and says, 'I've been struck,' and he's talking about Priyanka [Chopra]," he revealed. "It's just a really touching moment that didn't work its way in creatively, it's a really amazing moment. He just gushes about how in love he is and how head over heels he is." 

"[It's] really special, that relationship, and Joe and Sophie [Turner] and Kevin and Danielle -- obviously just great ladies and great guys. It's good stuff," Taylor added. 


The director, who has known the brothers since their Disney Channel days, was happy to be there to witness them deciding to reunite as a band years after their 2013 split. A musical reunion wasn't certain when they signed on for the documentary; as Taylor told ET, the goal was simply to tell more of the Jonas Brothers' story. 

"There was a lot of hesitation [to get back together] coming from a couple of people. Nick had kind of made his mind up and wanted to get this thing going again, and Joe was comfortable with where he is in his life. And I think through spending some time together, some old wounds got healed and the guys decided to get back in it," he said. 

"About halfway through [filming], it started to take shape," Taylor continued. "We didn't know what it was gonna be right away. Was it going to be a historic hurrah around this movie as a reunion tour? Was there gonna be new music? ... It was a work in progress throughout that didn't really come together until maybe a month or two before 'Sucker' was released, so they didn't really know exactly what they were doing yet." 

See more on Chasing Happiness in the video below. The documentary is now available to stream on Amazon Prime Video. 


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