Liza Koshy on Embracing Her Body and Empowering Others (Exclusive)

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Liza Koshy is getting ready to bare it all!

The 23-year-old star stopped by ET Live's The Downlow(d), where she told ET's Live's Denny Directo and Cassie DiLaura why she chose to strip down for the season two premiere of Liza On Demand, her YouTube Premium series.

"Liza gets hired as a nude model," Koshy explained of her on-screen alter ego, who takes on unusual gigs and tasks. "She doesn't realize it's a nude gig and gets caught outside. But I'll leave the rest for you to tune in."

While Koshy said that appearing nude on the show was "pushing my comfort zone," she decided to go through with it for an empowering reason.

"I was completely outside my comfort zone and my clothes for that," she quipped of her decision, which she first told ET about at BeautyCon 2019. "And it was kinda amazing 'cause I grew being one of those girls that was a little more shy about their body. And to become myself and step into my power and be this woman who loves my body and embraces every square inch of this s**t."

"I'm excited and I hope it makes everyone else feel empowered too," she added.

As for what fans have to look forward to in the show's sophomore season, Koshy teased her character's newfound independence and love life.

"Liza's no longer run by the app, but I think that makes her all the more independent, right?" Koshy explained. "So she's established herself in her career and she's going off and being confident and doing these different jobs and being of aid or assistance to others." 

"But she's also helping herself -- by helping herself I mean helping herself with men in her life. So going on dates," she added. "She has a bit of a romantic throughline, so it's exciting to see her character develop as I'm developing in real life."

While her character may be busy in the love department, Koshy said her own love life doesn't have much going on at the moment.

"I'm not going on any dates," she said, before describing some important qualities she'd look for in a future beau. "Honestly, I don't have a type... I'm honestly open to anybody. "Family man for sure. I plan on using my ovary oven, so baby making machine here. I want kids. Not any time soon, so hold on there. And just fun and humorous and loves life."

When it comes to a potential dealbreaker, she didn't have to think twice before answering. "I think using No. 2 pencils rather than the mechanical pencil," she said of her absolute no-no. "The little sound against the paper really gets me."

Another thing fans have to look forward to during season two of Liza on Demand are some incredible guest stars including Stranger Things' Noah Schnapp and Drake and Josh's Josh Peck.

"Noah Schnapp was in season one. He was in episode one of season one, which is amazing. And he was hilarious," Koshy said of Schnapp, who returns as a kid who interprets one of Liza's jobs "in a different way."

"And now he looks like he aged 15 years. And he's now in the final episode of season two," she added. "The little potty mouth brat came back with more potty words." 

Meanwhile, Koshy said working with Peck was an "amazing" experience. "I'm so glad I got to do that," she gushed. "That's a childhood dream of mine, to work and act alongside the Josh Peck."

With all the exciting things ahead for Koshy, she made sure to note how thankful she is for all the success that's come her way.

"I'm living this s**t. It's wild. I'm so appreciative of where I am today, but I don't forget where I'm from," she said. "My roots are Vine, rest in peace, baby. But also YouTube, so just, like, still creating for YouTube. And what's more exciting is that season one and season two are free now, so I'm shamelessly promoting it."

"I'm excited," she added. "That's where my audience lives and I'm so thankful for them for letting me have this life."

Season two of Liza on Demand premieres on YouTube Premium on Sept. 25.


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