How Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Are Celebrating 32nd Wedding Anniversary After Recovering From Coronavirus

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's upcoming 32nd wedding anniversary is especially significant this year.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson's upcoming 32nd wedding anniversary is especially significant this year, given the two both recently recovered from the coronavirus.

The couple is celebrating their anniversary on Thursday and a source tells ET that Hanks and Wilson getting through their illness together has definitely strengthened their relationship.

"This year, experiencing COVID-19 together was life-changing," the source says. "They had to ride the wave of an illness that could have killed one or both of them. Being apart from their children during the experience made them reflect on everything they have in life, especially each other. It has made them truly appreciate their love for one another and the life they have built."

As for how they're celebrating the happy occasion this year, the source says the two are going to enjoy a simple dinner at home.

"Tom and Rita are social distancing at home for their anniversary," the source says. "Their plan is to enjoy their favorite wine and create a lovely dinner together. They both love to cook."

"Tom and Rita get so excited about their anniversary because it's a reminder to them that they are blessed to have found a lifetime partner," the source adds. "Their friends always say, 'They just both feel lucky to have each other.'"

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According to the source, the two have been able to stay together for so long due to their shared priorities. They have two sons together, Chet and Truman, and Hanks also has two children from his previous marriage -- son Colin and daughter Samantha.

"They are always asked how they make their marriage work, and while they each have different reasons, the one thing they always agree on, is they support one another in their careers and family life and have remained in love," the source says. "They know that can be no easy feat but it has come naturally for them. They both put in the effort and appreciate what they have."

Hanks and Wilson, both 63, were two of the first celebrities to reveal they tested positive for the coronavirus last month, which happened while they were in Australia as Hanks filmed Baz Luhrmann's untitled Elvis Presley film. Thankfully, the couple is doing much better and returned to Los Angeles.

Hanks recently made an appearance on NPR’s podcast Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, and he shared that he and Wilson would be donating their blood to help develop a COVID-19 vaccine. On Wednesday, he tweeted a picture of the process.

"Here’s last week's bag of plasma," he wrote. "Such a bag!  After the paperwork, it's as easy as taking a nap. Thanks @arimoin and UCLA. Hanx."

Wilson also Instagrammed about donating blood on Wednesday.

"A photo of getting tested for antibodies in preparation of donating plasma," she captioned the pic. "Thank you Dr. Anne Rimoin at UCLA for the study you're working on to help patients heal from COVID-19."

During a recent interview with CBS This Morning, Wilson said she believed she and her husband both contracted COVID-19 at the same time rather than infecting one another.

"It was somebody they said that Tom and I were both exposed to at the same time," Wilson shared. "We don't know when that could have been or where, but all I can say is all of our close contacts -- our family, our work team -- no one has tested positive."

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