Delilah Belle Hamlin's Boyfriend Eyal Booker on Their 'Passionate' Relationship (Exclusive)

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Delilah Belle Hamlin's boyfriend, Eyal Booker, is opening up about their relationship. 

The model and Love Island U.K. star dished on feeling the "passion" with Delilah, whose parents are Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna, as he spoke with ET's Lauren Zima on Friday's episode of our official Love Island aftershow, Love After the Island. 

"[Our relationship works] because I think we get each other, you know? She's quite a deep person. She gets what I'm about," he shared. "With our relationship, we have a bit of distance in it, so when we're with each other, it's really beautiful and passionate, and we spend quality time together."

"And then we can both go and do our own things, and dip in and out of each other's lives. And I think our intense-ness and our fiery-ness is nice, and something that seems to be working for us really well," he added. 

According to Eyal, Delilah's sister, Amelia, was a fan of Love Island U.K., and watched him try to find love on season four of the series. "That's how she found out who I was. So, if anything, Love Island, in a roundabout way, helped me find love," he said. 

Delilah was the one who messed Eyal first. "I love that, a powerful woman just going for what they want. I was like, 'Wow, I love you already. Just come get me!" he joked.

In addition to sharing common ground in the modeling world, Eyal and Delilah also connected over reality TV, with Delilah's mom, Rinna, starring on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. It's not "what glues us together," Eyal noted, but he confessed that understanding each other's lifestyle is "nice."

"It's nice to have someone understand your commitments and not maybe come at you for the fact that you don't have a lot of time all the time. And so, yeah, there's a common understanding of each other's lives, which works," he expressed. "And then we've got our private life together, which is away from the public eye and the newspapers." 

The 23-year-old model said he's in love with Delilah, 21. While he's been in love before, things feel different with the blonde beauty. "I think it's just her kind of personality I haven't met before. I think it's -- where I am in my own life that I'm ready for it. And so, I don't have my doors closed, you know? I'm fully open and fully ready to enjoy it," he said. 

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