'Love Island': A Heartbreaking Recoupling Sends Two Girls Home and Brings in a 'Big Brother' Surprise!

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It was another wild night of steamy flirtation and surprises on Wednesday's Love Island, which saw two girls get sent packing.

After the drama-filled introduction of two new girls, Christen and Katrina, earlier this week, Wednesday's episode ended on a surprising, tearful recoupling.

After Weston chose to pair up with Katrina instead of Mallory -- who'd been pretty open about not vibing with Weston anyway -- and Yamen picked Christen instead of repairing with Alana -- who has been blatant about being very, very into Yamen -- Malloy and Allana were left single, and were immediately kicked off the island.

As Mallory was embraced by her fellow castmates in a moment of vulnerability, Alana didn't miss a beat and she angrily stormed back to her room to pack up and get out.

Soon after she'd packed up her stuff, Alana was visited by Yamen for an emotional heart-to-heart about his choice to pick Christen over her.

"I genuinely was trying to form a deeper connection," Yamen said. "It just wasn't gelling perfectly for me. There's someone who's gonna love the hell out of you, it's just [Christen] kinda fits my life a little bit better."

"I'd be lying if I said I didn't like you," Alana responds through tears. "I'll never feel bad for genuinely caring about someone, or trying to. I won't ever feel bad about that. Even when it sucks sometimes."

As for Mallory, she had her own share of tears to shed over getting the axe, and how embarrassed she felt to be one of the first women kicked off the show.

"Now I'm the girl who couldn't get a guy on Love Island, and now I have to go home!" Mallory said, she she tried not to cry. "It's like I can't meet anybody. It's so stupid."

However, after saying their goodbyes, Mallory seemed much less broken up about the way things turned out, but admitted that the turn of events was "unexpected" adding, "My only regret is not meeting someone."

"Everything happens for a reason," Alana said, looking on the bright side. "I've still got my dignity. I've still got a really nice butt. And I'm gonna find somebody."

However, that wasn't the end of the night's big surprises. After Mallory and Alana's big exit, Kyra -- who is currently coupled up with Cashel -- got a text from a brand new man who just arrived on the island.

"Hey Kyra, I know you're coupled up right now, but I think you should keep your options open in the villa," Kyra read from her phone. "Please come and meet me for a date. Winston."

An eager Kyra gave a very confused and concerned Cashel a kiss before going off to get ready, and fans got a brief look at the new potential love interest -- only to realize that, for Big Brother fans, he's a familiar face.

As it turns out, the Winston in question is Big Brother Season 20 houseguest Winston Hines, and while we only got a brief glimpse of him as he winked at the cameras at the very last second of the episode, it's clear that he's going to be shaking things up in the days to come.

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