'Love Island': Two New Female Islanders Stir Up Major Trouble for Couples

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Just when theLove Islandcouples thought they were safe, think again!

Coming off the surprise that two new girls -- Christen and Katrina -- had arrived as week two kicked off on the reality dating show, the ladies of the villa began to get worried about their partners becoming interested in someone new. During the first night of introducing the latest contestants, all the Islanders played a sexy game of dare, which resulted in Weston getting the chance to make out twice with Christen.

As for Mallory's reaction -- after she had told Weston she wasn't feeling their relationship:

"I've kissed Weston plenty of times and we all know how I feel about that, so I'm not too worried about it," Mallory said in the confessional.

It was quickly established that Christen had an eye on Yamen and wasn't going to let Alana get in the way. So when it was time for the new Islanders to speed date and get to know every guy, Christen made it clear that she wanted to pursue him.  

Each guy got two minutes with Christen and Katrina, and did their best to woo them. At the end of speed dating, Christen was unexpectedly attracted to Cashel, who surprised viewers when he was putting the moves on her despite being with Kyra. As for Katrina, her top three were Yamen, Cormac and Weston.

That led to an awkward conversation between Kyra and Cashel, when she asked if he was into Christen.

"I want to see her personality," he honestly replied, with him later telling the guys, "Who isn't physically attracted to Christen?... She's super hot!"

As for Yamen, who has both new ladies lusting after him, "I do like where things are going with Alana, but a part of me wants to be infatuated with somebody."

There was no doubt that a couple of the girls were getting nervous. And there was definitely more tension when Katrina and Christen got texts that said that they would be able to send a girl to the Hideaway for the night, take their place, date their guy and sleep in their bed.

When it came down to their choices, Katrina opted to steal Weston for the night, while Christen put it all on the line for Yamen.

What will happen between these new couplings? Guess viewers will have to tune in Wednesday night to find out.

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