Demi Lovato Is 'So So Happy' Celebrating Her 27th Birthday in London at Ariana Grande's Concert

The singer spent her special day with her fellow songstress as well as their agent and friend Scooter Braun on Monday.

Demi Lovato is celebrating her birthday with a few of her famous friends and a lot of love.

The singer rang in her special day by heading out to Ariana Grande's concert in London -- where she's now 27 in local time, as it's already Tuesday there -- and was welcomed with a special gesture by the songstress and her dancers before the show kicked off.

"This was too sweet not to post.... before show prayer they did this for my bday," Lovato wrote on Instagram, sharing a video of Grande and her fellow performers wishing her "happy birthday" in a big group cheer.

"I’m so so proud of you @arianagrande," Lovato continued in her caption to the post she shared after the concert. "You f**king killed that!!! I love you tons."

Grande later shared a screenshot of Lovato's post, specifically of the pair sharing a hug after the in-unison cheer, adding, "I love uuuuuuu @ddlovato. Happpppy birthday [in an hour]."

Ariana Grande/Instagram

Later, Lovato shared a video, taken by her manager, Scoot Braun, showing her blowing out the candles on a birthday cake at a party attended by Grande.

"Okay, last one before bed. They literally filmed/sang happy birthday twice and @scooterbraun STILL forgot to press record," Lovato captioned the video, which did in fact show that Braun messed up the recording. "@arianagrande’s face is everything and this video is a perfect glimpse of how f**king happy and rad my birthday is this year. So so happy. And I love my new family. Thank you guys, love you."

Braun shared the same video to his own Instagram, joking about his inability to capture them singing "Happy Birthday," and a flustered Grande commented on the post, "WE SANG IT TWICE. AND YOU MISSED IT AGAIN. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN. we literally sang it twice so he could start over. and this is what he got. i ...... have never seen someone fail at technology so many times in a row."

"HAHAHAHAHAHA I love this so much. THANK YOU GUYS!!!" Lovato responded to Grande's comment.

Check out the video below for more on Lovato's meaningful year.