Demi Lovato Tears Up in Emotional 'Simply Complicated' Trailer, Recalls Past Drug Abuse and Punching a Dancer

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Demi Lovato has, for years, been remarkably open about her past... even when it hurts.

In the trailer for Simply Complicated -- an upcoming YouTube documentary exploring her rise and troubles as an artist -- the 24-year-old singer candidly addresses some of the most painful parts of her struggles with mental health, including past drug abuse, and an incident where, at her lowest, she punched a back-up dancer in the face on a plane.

"One thing I'll never stop doing is being honest," she says, on being nervous to discuss her past. "I was not easy to work with."

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"I'm coming up on five and a half years of sobriety," she adds. "I'm on a journey to discover what it's like to be free of all demons."

Watch the trailer below, which includes at one point, a teary-eyed Lovato in a car while her past relationships are discussed.

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Simply Complicated premieres on YouTube on Oct. 17.

Recently, Lovato opened up to ET about the double meaning behind one of the songs off her new album, "You Don't Do It for Me Anymore."

"It's about breaking up with my old self, my addiction and my alcoholism," she revealed. "Not going back to those old ways that I always resorted to. Because it doesn't do it for me anymore."

"I'm just happy and in a totally different place," she added.


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Watch the video below for more.

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