Dennis Quaid, Nick Jonas Tell 'the Greatest Military Comeback Story in History' With 'Midway' (Exclusive)

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Midway tells "the greatest military comeback story in history," Nick Jonas says in this featurette about the film, debuting exclusively on ET. The historical drama recreates the Battle of Midway, during which U.S. naval troops defeated Imperial Japanese forces in the Pacific and turned the tides of World War II. The film proved personal for many members of the cast.

"My dad was in World War II, so there's a personal connection there," Dennis Quaid, who plays Admiral William Halsey Jr., shares. "That generation sacrificed so much for all of us, for something bigger than themselves. This film, in a way, is dedicated to that generation."

The ensemble cast also includes Ed Skrein as bomber pilot Dick Best, Patrick Wilson as Admiral Edwin Layton, Woody Harrelson as Admiral Chester Nimitz and Luke Evans as Lieutenant Commander Wade McClusky. "Everyone was very conscientious about trying to make it real," Harrelson explains of being tasked with portraying true American heroes. Watch the clip above.

"I was very lucky to be given real wings to wear during filming from an airman in the 9th," Evans says. "I could appreciate this was on another man's chest at one point. It moved me and reminded me of the responsibility I had playing and representing this great man."

Midway is in theaters Nov. 8 from director Roland Emmerich and starring Aaron Eckhart, Darren Criss, Keean Johnson and Mandy Moore.

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