Derek Hough and Hayley Erbert 'Much to Be Grateful for' After 'Scary Car Accident' in the Mountains

The 'DWTS' pro explained a particular moment with Hayley that really frightened him.

Derek Hough and fiancée Hayley Erbert revealed they're both OK after getting into a pretty scary car accident that triggered real fear they would slide off a mountain.

The couple took to Instagram on Friday and posted a reel of the scary ordeal that they say went down on Dec. 12. According to Erbert, the accident "involved a step hill, icy roads, a tree, and worst of all, the fear that we would slide off the mountain." Despite the ordeal, Erbert said there's "so much to be grateful for" given the circumstances.

"First, that there were no other people involved. Second, the quick response from paramedics. And lastly, that we are both okay and that I only walked away a little banged up, a swollen face, and four stitches above my eyebrow," Erbert revealed in her lengthy caption. "Now, more than ever, we realize how fragile life is and how important it is to love those around you. We hope that everyone has a safe, healthy, and happy holiday season. XO."

The Dancing With the Stars pro posted the same video but he also dropped a comment offering more details.

"The scariest part was that Hayley doesn’t remember anything," he said. "She was dazed afterwards, being cheerful saying we should keep going to dinner as blood ran down her face. That really scared me. She came to 20 minutes later when the firemen arrived. "

The video shows the aftermath of the crash, including their Mercedes-Benz SUV crushed. Erbert's also shown being treated by paramedics as they give her four stitches above her eyebrow. Later in the night, Erbert's seen indulging on a bunch of snacks, but the injuries she suffered, she said, made it difficult for her to chew candy.

In any event, the couple's thankful that the accident wasn't much worse than it could have been.

Hough and Erbert got engaged earlier this year while vacationing in Monaco. Following the engagement, Hough told ET how Jennifer Lopez inspired him to pop the question to his girlfriend of seven years.

"I remember seeing her and I was like, 'Yo, if she can get two [engagements] within the time that I've been with [Erbert] I better step up my game,'" Hough told ET of running into Lopez, who got engaged to Alex Rodriguez in 2019, and to Ben Affleck earlier this year

Another indication that it was time to get engaged came when Hough "introduced Hayley as my girlfriend and I kinda stopped myself and was like, 'This feels wrong. That word does not live up to what this relationship is.' That was a good indication of like, 'OK, I think it’s time to go to the next step.'"

Lopez hinted that Hough's engagement was a long time coming when she commented on his post that announced he'd proposed to Erbert. "Omg!! Yessss... we've been waiting for this!! Lol... Congratulations."



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