Derek Hough Talks Quarantine Life With Hayley Erbert, What to Expect From Their 'DWTS' Performance (Exclusive)

The 'DWTS' judge called Erbert the 'love of [his] life.'

Derek Hough and his relationship with his girlfriend, dancer Hayley Erbert, has only gotten stronger during quarantine. ET spoke with the Dancing With the Stars judge on Monday, and he had no problem expressing that Erbert was "absolutely" the love of his life.

DWTS host Tyra Banks was actually the one to refer to 26-year-old Erbert as the love of 35-year-old Hough's life during Monday's episode, and Hough joked, "Wow, Tyra is putting words in my mouth which are true." But on a more serious note, he definitely agreed with the statement.

"Yeah, absolutely, yes, I am going to tell you all about it," he tells ET's Lauren Zima. "Actually, we just celebrated her birthday yesterday and it was amazing. I took her to a farm for her birthday. We were hanging out with pigs and sloths, it was awesome. Yeah, that is accurate ... she is the love of my life."

Hough and Erbert have been dating since 2015. Hough said they've been keeping busy together during quarantine.

"By the way, I don't believe any couple had ever spent that much time with each other consistently, it's so unusual," he shares. "So, the fact that it's made our relationship stronger is great. We started a YouTube channel, we cook together, we do arts and crafts and things, and it is always a good sign when you are very content to sit with someone on the couch and fall asleep with four animals next to you and be like, 'This is great, I like this.'"

Meanwhile, DWTS fans are eagerly awaiting Hough and Erbert's performance together on Oct. 19, marking the first time he's performed on the show since 2017.

"We are so excited," Hough says of his and Erbert's upcoming dance. "Hayley and I are going to bring just classic, just passion, strength, Paso Doble, just authentic music I love. My favorite music to dance to is authentic Spanish music, you know? With the guitar, the drums and, you know, the strings and the violins. I had some musicians come in to play some things so we are excited. We come home and are, like, we need to ice. We have little ice parties at night when we go home."