Derek Hough to Coach Aspiring Dancers in New 'World of Dance Master Class' Series (Exclusive)

Derek Hough World of Dance
Trae Patton/NBC

Plus, the 33-year-old dancer shares details with ET about sister Julianne Hough's upcoming appearance on the dance competition show.

Derek Hough's latest dance project is dedicated to his fans.

ET can exclusively reveal that the two-time Emmy Award-winning choreographer is helping aspiring dancers take their skills "to the next level" with the debut of his one-of-a-kind, World of Dance Master Class With Derek Hough series.

"People always ask me, 'Do you teach? Do you do private lessons?' And the thing is, I don't really have a lot of time and it's tough to reach everybody," Hough, 33, told ET on Wednesday. "So by doing this online, I can come into people's homes, or on their phones, wherever it might be, and teach them dance. It's always something I've wanted to do and I'm really excited about it."

Available to fans worldwide at starting on Thursday, the online series provides exclusive access to Hough's extensive dance network, including top choreographers and dance masters from across the country. Ranging from beginner to professional, dancers from all backgrounds can learn how to dance and enhance their skills with training videos that can be streamed online, via a mobile device, tablet or TV. 

"You see all these other dance class videos online, but what they've become are showcases, where they're just teaching the routine and they video it and that's it," Hough explained. "They're not really teaching the technique, fundamentals or the actual way you craft a routine. What's wonderful with this is, we're really able to break stuff down for not only people who've never danced before, but also for professionals that need it to up their game."

And there really is something for everyone, as Hough and his team of professionals break down the four major components (steps, sequences, technical insights and performance) of different dance genres, including contemporary, urban, jive and cha cha.

"To get the most out of this Master Class, it obviously starts with what kinda style you want to learn," the former Dancing With the Stars pro advised. "And in this day in age, I think that learning all different styles is really important and also really enjoyable. A lot of people will find that learning a hip-hop routine will help their contemporary routine, or contemporary will help their hip-hop, for example."

"My biggest advice would be to go at your own pace and don't get frustrated if something doesn't click right away," he added. "Keep pushing yourself. You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great."

Hough tells ET that this series is hopefully the first of many to come. When asked if there's been a discussion with his World of Dance co-stars Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Jenna Dewan about following in his footsteps and creating their own classes (or joining in on his), he replied, "It has been discussed, indeed."

"This is just the start. I really want to open it up and bring in the best of the best," said Hough, whose first round of guests include fan-favorite married couple, Keone and Mari, from season one of World Of Dance. "This is the first wave, but the intention definitely is to grow this and to definitely have everybody involved and a part of it."

World of Dance

In addition to the new master class, fans can also catch Hough as a judge on season two of World of Dance, which is currently being played out on NBC. His sister, Julianne, told ET back in March that she would be appearing on the show as a mentor, so obviously, we couldn't let Hough go without getting an update.

"There's a part in this season where we all mentor each division. She joins me for one of the weeks and it's amazing," he shared. "I love working with Julianne, she's just such an amazing person, has an amazing heart, amazing soul. So, to have her heart and positive energy and her light in that room around those competitors at that really sort of nerve racking, pressuring time -- you can see them sort of receive that energy and feel more confident, which is amazing."

Hough tells us he's also been busy with a handful of other projects he's been keeping under wraps. He recently took some time off to celebrate his 33rd birthday with a relaxing vacation in Big Sur, California, with his longtime girlfriend, Hayley Erbert. But next week, he plans to reveal even more "big, exciting" news.

"The projects I'm working on right now, that I'm going to be announcing pretty soon and having out, a lot of it is just about connecting with the audience more," he said. "Building this relationship."

Which got us thinking... could the Houghs be joining forces again, touring together like they did for last year's Move -- Beyond -- Live on Tour?

"Well, there's no plans for us to tour this summer together, but I do have a really exciting announcement that I'm making on Monday, which will be in that sort of realm," he teased. 

While Hough played coy when we asked him to give us additional details, he did tell us he'll be making the announcement on the Today show on Monday, June 11. "Part of [the interview] I'll be talking about this Master Class, but there's also a big part of [the announcement] that's a first for me. I've never done that before, it's exciting. It's not going to be until early next year, but I'm going to start putting it out there very soon, so, pretty exciting."

World of Dance airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.