Dermatologist 'Dr. Beauty' Gets Real About Celebrity Skincare Secrets (Exclusive)

The A-list dermatologist reveals whether drinking lots of water and getting proper sleep actually helps with anti-aging.

You've heard it before. 

Drinking water and getting a good night's rest is something Hollywood stars always credit when they're asked about their beauty regimen. 

To confirm whether these rituals actually help with anti-aging, we visited celeb dermatologist Dr. Anna Guanche of Bella Skin Institute, aka Dr. Beauty, in Calabasas, California. Guanche counts Rebecca Romijn, Olivia Culpo and Brandi Glanville as clients, and she's sounding off on the top three beauty tips we always hear. 

Drink Lots of Water 

It sounds like a broken record every time we hear it, so we really want to know -- does drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of H2O a day really help the skin to stay supple? 

"I don't think drinking water alone explains the beauty and the smoothness of these celebrities' skin, but we definitely need hydration from the outside," said Dr. Guanche. Thus, other hydrating skincare steps are necessary like moisturizer, which she suggests applying after you shower and wash your face. 

Proper Sleep

Jennifer Lopez is known to love her beauty rest -- up to ten hours a night! Dr. Guanche admits everyone looks better after they sleep. The best position for snoozing is on your back with your head slightly elevated.

Good Genes 

Celebs regularly say their good looks are due to their genes. Although genetics play a significant part in aging, how you take care of your skin is what mostly leads to favorable results. 

"I would say about 40 percent of your aging is genetics and 60 percent is what you've done with your skin. If you're smoking, if you're laying out in the sun all the time, if you're very, very stressed, if you drink a lot of alcohol, you accelerate aging.

Watch Dr. Beauty's tips in the video above. 

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