Designer Nikki Lund Shares Inspiration for New Collection and Wildest Celebrity Request (Exclusive)

Nikki Lund
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Nikki Lund's new collection is unlike anything she has done before.

ET spoke with the musician and fashion designer to talk about the craziest requests her celebrity clients have asked her and her inspiration behind her forthcoming spring 2020 collection, which she describes as "feminine and artful."

ET: You dress a who's who in Hollywood. Tell me some of your favorite celebs you've dressed and why?

Nikki Lund: I really like Avril Lavigne. She is humble and real. She is an artist's artist. She knows what she wants, but is open to input and that makes the collaboration really fun. Plus I love her music. Kelly Clarkson. OMG, first of all, I love her voice. She's amazing and is one of my favorite celebrities I have dressed because she is very down to earth and the kind of girl you would want to be around and want as your best friend. She isn't afraid to take chances and that makes my job as a designer really enjoyable. Blake Shelton is another favorite because he is tall and handsome, and it's fun to design clothes for a big guy with a big personality. It makes the clothes come to life. He really looks great in my clothes and wears them well.

What are some of the wildest requests you've ever had from a celebrity?

One of the wildest requests was when I was asked to design a tattoo on the spot and my client called up a tattoo artist and got it tattooed on them right then and there at their house. Another wild request was when one of my clients asked me to pierce their ears before an event. Lastly, I think the wildest request was for me to dress a client at a gravesite in Hollywood.

What inspired your new line this season?

I’m inspired by my 2-year-old son, Hendrix. He has so much love and life in him and appreciates the simple beauty of life. He points things out that are right in front of my face that I would've never noticed or been too consumed to stop and appreciate. He loves flowers, bugs, birds, animals, cars and food. When we go for a walk, he will stop and say "Mommy, smell the flowers." Simple but profound for a 2-year-old. He has a collection of classic toy cars from the '60s and he loves music from the '60s and '70s. He's an old soul.

My new collection is much more feminine and soft than any of my other collections. I am a mom now. My body has changed, my views of the world have changed and my perspective feels wider than it’s ever been through the eyes of my son. I feel more feminine in my skin.

The silhouettes of some of the designs are more mature and forgiving; some are not but more so than any of my other collections in the past. I’m not saying I’m making muumuus, but not as many crop tops and low-waisted pants as I did in the past. I am really inspired by the '60s and '70s music and culture, the mindset was a different kind of renegade personality than I see today. My new line will be coming out in February and available initially online. It is a much more colorful and almost softer side of Nikki Lund.

What styles can we expect?

You can expect to see a lot of beautiful vintage-inspired prints and bold colors. The dresses are frilly, feminine and sexy. The jeans in my collection are the best-fitting jeans you will find anywhere and not one pair of them is your average pair of jeans. They are all fit to perfection. The jackets are staples in my collection. [The pieces are] unique and fun items like you would find in a vintage store, almost like you have found a treasure in each shopping experience.  The silhouettes are feminine and artful. There is gorgeous detail in every piece. The hardware on the clothing is artwork in and of itself. The team and I have been working very diligently and they are amazing. My mom, Laurie, always says, "God is in the details," and I am so blessed because she is a talented designer and has been helping me with some of the designs. We have spent a lot of time and energy on every aspect of this collection to make sure it is a perfect Nikki Lund signature line with impeccable detail.

Reporting by Adriane Schwartz.


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