Devon Sawa on Playing His Third 'Chucky' Character and Why He Doesn't Rewatch His Childhood Films (Exclusive)

Devon Sawa talks to ET about returning for the hit horror series from 'Child’s Play' creator Don Mancini. 

After both Wheeler twins, Lucas and Logan, met their bloody demise in Chucky season 1, Devon Sawa is back as Father Bryce, marking his third character on the hit horror series from Child’s Play creator Don Mancini. 

“First of all, I’m absolutely flattered that Don brought me back. When he called me to tell me last year at the end of the first season that he’d be bringing me back, I was over-the-moon happy,” Sawa tells Rachel Smith as he and co-star Jennifer Tilly join her on the set of ET to talk about season 2, which sees the possessed doll seeking revenge on season 1 survivors Jake (Zackary Arthur), Devon (Björgvin Arnarson) and Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind), who have been sent to a Catholic school.

It’s there, among the nuns and priests, where audiences will get to know Father Bryce as season 2 continues to unfold Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Syfy and USA. “This new guy is less toxic than the first two guys. But he still has some stuff going on,” Sawa says, teasing that the character “has been a blast to play.” 

That said, Sawa still hasn’t really had the chance to work with Tilly, who returns as Chucky’s ex, Tiffany Valentine, now his sworn enemy. “In my contract, no scenes with Devon Sawa,” the actress jokes, before revealing that their “one little scene” in season 1 was “one of [her] favorites.” 

“It wasn’t a bad day on set,” Sawa agrees. 


Tilly also reveals “it was a sexy scene” that could have been even sexier if the creator had thought to make the actor shirtless in that moment. “Don said to us after season 1… ‘I made a big mistake not having a shirtless scene for him ‘cause Devon’s, like, a bodybuilder,” she recalls, before joking that Sawa needs to come back “as a Chippendale dancer.” 

She adds, “Next season, who knows, you can be a lifeguard.”

“We’ll work on it, we’ll work on it,” Sawa quips in response, before the conversation turns to another horror classic, Casper, the 1995 live-action adaptation of Casper the Friendly Ghost co-starring Christina Ricci

And just like his co-star, Sawa reveals that he also doesn’t rewatch the film. “I don’t rewatch anything really,” he says, before referring to the 1994 film Little Giants. “Like, Little Giants, when I’m on the boat, doing that scene, I cringe every time I see it.” 

While he hasn’t watched Casper, his kids have. And although they have “brutally honest” takes on some of his work, “they liked Casper,” he reveals. 

Meanwhile, just like Sawa is back on TV with Chucky, Ricci is on the hit Showtime series Yellowjackets, which is currently filming season 2. “She’s killing it,” he says of his former co-star before addressing the possibility of ever reuniting with her on the show. “Yeah, maybe one day.”  

Until then, fans will have to make do, watching him covered up in turtlenecks in Chucky season 2.