Diane Sawyer Visits 'The Morning Show' Set With Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon

Diane Sawyer
The Walt Disney Company/Image Group LA via Getty Images

See the news anchor bond with the show's stars!

The set of The Morning Show got a very special guest on Tuesday!

Reese Witherspoon hopped on Instagram to reveal that legendary news anchor and journalist, Diane Sawyer, had stopped by the TV set. The actress posted a photo of Sawyer, herself and co-star Jennifer Aniston on the fictional TV show's soundstage. In the image's caption, Witherspoon gushed about Sawyer's inspiring career.

"Look who came to visit us on the set of @themorningshow!" she wrote. "@dianesawyer is a true trailblazer in the world of journalism and such an inspiration to all of us at @themorningshow! ?☕️☀️"

Witherspoon also shared a clip in the post, where she introduces her followers to Sawyer, stating, "How about somebody very special came to The Morning Show today!"

At this point, the 73-year-old journalist turns to Aniston and proclaims, "Jen!" Then, she and Aniston embrace and the latter sets the record straight, stating, "Diane!" 

"We love you, Diane," Witherspoon says as all three happily pose together for the camera. "You're our inspiration."

"I love you both," Sawyer responds.

The visit comes just one day after Aniston, who only joined Instagram in October, hit 20 million followers. The 50-year-old actress responded by posting a GIF of herself tearing up at an awards show. "20 million followers?! That's a lot of thank you notes! THANK YOU, GUYS ?," she wrote.

Last month, at the premiere of The Morning Show, ET spoke with Aniston about the project and if any of her former Friends co-stars would be a good fit for a guest appearance on the show, to which she responded, "Any one of them."

However, when asked if they'd reached out to any of them about the possibility, she coyly answered, "Not yet."

The show centers around Alex Levy (Aniston), a morning show host trying to save her career when co-host Mitch Kessler (Steve Carell) is fired over sexual misconduct allegations. Soon, she finds herself in a bitter rivalry with rising star Bradley Jackson (Witherspoon). Head here to learn more.