Dick Van Dyke Gives Update on His Condition After Car Crash: 'I'm Sore All Over'

The 97-year-old 'Mary Poppins' star was involved in a car crash on March 15.

Dick Van Dyke is recovering after his recent car crash. The 97-year-old performer gave an update on his condition over the weekend.

"I’m fine, just sore all over," he told photographers. "The airbags did not deploy so I just had a face plant right in the steering wheel and it just made me a little dumber."

Keeping his signature sense of humor, Van Dyke added, "I’m doing OK. I’m 97, all my friends are dead."

Coleman Rayner

Van Dyke's accident took place on March 15 in Malibu, California. According to People, the Hollywood icon was driving a silver 2018 Lexus LS 500 when it slid into a structure. 

According to TMZ, who was first to report the news, Van Dyke was bleeding from his mouth and nose, and may have suffered a concussion. The outlet reported that he was treated at the scene and refused to be taken to the hospital. Per the outlet's sources, alcohol was not involved and the DMV is submitting a request for the actor to retake his driver's test.

ET has reach out to Van Dyke's rep for comment.