Dierks Bentley on Why Hosting CMA Fest With Elle King Is 'Just Fun,' Not Work (Exclusive)

The country crooners opened up to ET about getting to co-host this year's four-day music festival in Nashville in June.

Dierks Bentley and Elle King are set to host this year's CMA Fest in Nashville, and the duo are opening up about working side-by-side to emcee the performance-packed music festival.

"They asked us if we could, you know, if we wanted to host together, and for me, anything with Elle, it doesn't feel like like work. It's just fun, you know?" Bentley marveled to ET recently. "I just like doing things that are easy and fun."

Bentley added that "having the chance to be the faces of country music for that four-day festival is a huge honor, so it's going to be fun"

"I'm just trying to get a free ticket to the show," King added with a laugh. 

For both artists, the most fun part of hosting something like the CMA Fest is the camaraderie with their fellow country crooners.

"We're both fans of country music too, you know? We both get a chance to play and sing and all that stuff and just see friends that you never see ever, 'cause we're all touring," he said. "We get to catch up with everybody, we'll be bringing them on stage, hanging out backstage."

"And get to hang out with her for four days," Bentley added, nodding toward King. "So it's just fun."

"That's a win for you, buddy," King chimed in.

"It is a big win for me," Bentley added.

Dierks and King will host the fest, and might get a chance to perform their new collaboration, "Worth a Shot." Meanwhile, the lineup for the star-studded event includes Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood, Keith Urban and many others.

This year's four-day CMA Fest kicks off June 9, and will later air as a special on Aug. 3 on ABC.