Dierks Bentley Says His Kids Are 'Enthralled' by Luke Bryan's Accent (Exclusive)

The 'Drunk on a Plane' singer also revealed the activity his three kids tag along on with the 'American Idol' judge.

Around five years ago, Blake Shelton jokingly complimented Luke Bryan's "fake Georgia accent." Well, whatever it is and whatever anyone wants to call it, Dierks Bentley's kids can't get enough of it!

The "Drunk on a Plane" singer spoke with ET's Rachel Smith at the Music City Walk of Fame in Nashville, where Bentley was bestowed with his very own star.

It's quite an honor, for sure, but it's possible that Bentley's three young children -- Knox, Jordan and Evie -- get an even bigger thrill listening to the American Idol judge talk the talk, literally.

Like with any good conversation centered around country music, it was only a matter of time until Bryan's name came into the conversation. And when it did, it prompted Bentley to share a couple of reasons why Bryan's one of the good guys.

"We went fishing a couple of days ago," Bentley revealed. "I'm a pretty good fisherman, but he's like ... he is Mr. fisherman. So, for him to take my kids out there [fishing] and kind of show 'em. They're still enthralled with his accent. He's got that deep southern Georgia accent."

Bentley, of course, is referring to Bryan's instantly recognizable accent from Georgia. Yes, that same accent Gwen Stefani's husband once poked fun of in 2017 when they shared compliments of one another.

And, while talking about Bryan's accent, Bentley couldn't help himself when he lowered his voice and attempted the famous Georgia drawl, though subtitles might be in order.

Dierks Bentley and his family at the Music City Walk of Fame induction ceremony in Nashville. - Dierks Bentley

All jokes aside, Bentley couldn't be more honored with the Music City Walk of Fame distinction after more than three decades in the city that made his dreams come true.

"It's so cool. I mean, I love Nashville. I've been here for 36 years," he said. "It's crazy, and just seeing how this area has changed so much and the Hall of Fame is across the street and this new Walk of Fame that started not too long ago. I made the first section here. I have a feeling this thing is gonna wrap around the whole plaza here at some point, but it was an honor for sure."

Bentley, whose "Beers on Me Tour" kicks off May 27, says he's whipping himself into shape for the 34-city tour after being in dad mode attending his kids' hockey, soccer, boxing and lacrosse practices.

One way Bentley's getting into shape? Cycling! Despite some sore legs, Bentley says he'll go on a long ride next month in Colorado, and he says Bryan's joining him.

"He's in trouble," quipped Bentley. "He sits in the back of his bus and watches college football and eats chicken wings. It's different when you're actually out there on a gravel course. So, we'll see how he does. Check it out on Instagram towards the end of April."