'Dog's Most Wanted': Beth Chapman Doesn't Let Cancer Hold Her Back During Chase in Exclusive Sneak Peek

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Beth Chapman was working hard during her illness.

In an exclusive sneak peek of the season premiere of Dog's Most Wanted, Chapman yells at her team over a mission gone wrong. The show was filmed when Beth, the wife of Duane "Dog" Chapman, was battling cancer and prior to her death in June. 

"That was a typical rookie move, OK? As I said to Cecily and Dakota, 'Don't let that guy get out. Block him in,'" Beth says in a car as clip of people -- including her grandson, Dakota, and daughter, Cecily -- jumping on top of a moving vehicle play. "Fugitive three, bounty hunters none."

"These guys should know never to jump on a moving car. Ever," she laments. "What are you going to do when you jump on a moving car? Are you He-Man? Are you gonna, like, rip the roof open?"

Disappointed that the suspect got away, Beth explains what she would've done to capture him if people hadn't jumped on the car.

"And I would've been able to ram him again and move him over, but there were people hanging off the side of the car," she says. "All things considered, I was grateful... that Dakota [only] got a headache."

The scene then moves to Dog and Beth arguing with a local, Rob who was supposed to help with the mission.

"He ran over my daughter!" Dog screams, as Beth yells, "I have lung cancer and I'm over here trancing around in this f**king weather for this piece of s**t."

Rob yells back at the couple, much to Dog's annoyance. "Don't yell at her! Right now! Stop yelling at her!" Dog screams at Rob as Beth sticks up for herself.

"You can't be trusted! You can't be f**king trusted," she tells Rob. "You didn't do f**k. Your word is no good."

According to WGN America, the series will feature "a ferocious team of hunters Dog calls 'The Dirty Dozen.'" Together they will go on a cross-country manhunt to track down a carefully curated list of Dog’s Most Wanted fugitives. In their personal lives, the series tackles the family’s most difficult fight as their beloved matriarch Beth Chapman bravely fights -- and tragically loses -- her battle with cancer."

"My wife is, was, and always will be the heart and soul of Dog’s Most Wanted," Dog said in a statement. "Beth wanted nothing more than for the show to go on, and I am so proud of the legacy that she left behind. She lived and died for this show, and she would be so proud of how hard we worked bringing these criminals to justice."

ET's Kevin Frazier spoke to Dog shortly after his wife's death and the reality star recalled her final moments. 

"The last few moments she said, 'Come in here right now, in the bathroom,'" he recalled. "I went in and she said, 'Look at me.' And I said, 'Yeah, you're freaking beautiful baby.' [And she said,] 'Look at me, Duane Chapman.' And I did, I always saw Beth and she said, 'Please, let me go.'"

"And I didn't even make a decision, I almost said, 'I can't,'" he continued. "Before I could say, 'Alright,' she couldn't breathe and I called the ambulance."

Dog's Most Wanted premieres on WGN America Wednesday, Sept. 4 at 9/8 c.


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